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  • NEW2 Versions
    L 125 18.0-EC LD C
    Cordless 18.0 V light duty angle grinder, 125 mm
  • NEW
    SBE 64 18-EC
    Cordless belt saw 18 V
  • NEW
    SBE 127 18-EC
    Cordless belt saw 18 V
  • NEW3 Versions
    CER 18.0-EC C
    Cordless edge milling tool and router 18 V
  • NEW3 Versions
    VLP 18.0 C
    Cordless vacuum lifter 18 V Grabo
  • NEW
    GRF-S VL
    Standard sealing system
  • NEW
    Sealing system for rough surfaces
  • NEW
    Sealing system for narrow surfaces
  • NEW
    PB CER
    Milling cage
  • NEW
    Milling cage, parallel stop
  • NEW
    Milling cage, extraction guard
  • NEW
    PG CER
    Quick-action stop
  • NEW
    SG CER
    Extraction hood
  • NEW
    Base plate, round
  • NEW
    SPZ CER D8
  • NEW
    SPZ CER D6.35
  • NEW
    CC CER
    Centring mandrel
  • NEW
    CER Bit Set1
    Edge cutter set
  • NEW
    CER Bit Set2
    Cutter set
  • NEW
    GCS C35 3/8" 1,1mm
    Robust saw chain for cordless chainsaw
  • NEW
    GCS S35
    Saw bar
  • NEW
    GHT-B 55
    Bar for hedge trimmer
  • NEW
    GLT-RT Tip
    Thread head
  • NEW
    GLT-TS 2,0
    Thread for lawn trimmer
  • NEW2 Versions
    SHE 16 18.0-EC C
    Cordless metal shears 18 V
  • NEW2 Versions
    KNE 16 18.0-EC C
    Cordless nibbler 18 V
  • NEW
    GBL 790 18-EC
    Cordless leaf blower 18 V
  • NEW
    GCS 35 2x18-EC
    Cordless chainsaw 18 V
  • NEW
    GHT 55 18-EC
    Cordless hedge trimmer 18 V
  • NEW
    GLT 35 18-EC
    Cordless lawn trimmer 18 V
  • NEW
    PT-MF 380 Dual
    Microfibre cloth, universal
FLEX 3D printing data for machine wall holders and FLEX machines in detailing hall

Discover. Create. FLEX.

Finally tidy up your hall, workshop or basement. Simply download free 3D print data for FLEX wall holders.

VAC 800-EC building site air purifier from FLEX

Building site air purifier

Dust and pollutant-free construction site: The VAC 800-EC for clean air during renovation, conversion and extension.

FLEX is an official BVB partner

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We've been an official BVB partner since the 2021/22 season. A down-to-earth approach, great ambition and working together with honesty to achieve success – that's what connects us to BVB.

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