Drywall sanding with FLEX Giraffe long-neck sander

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Building & renovation

The FLEX range for professional renovation, refurbishment and modernisation.

Whether it's preparing substrates, drywall construction, caulking to remove plaster and masonry, gutting or drilling for anchor fastenings - professionals are impressed by precision, reliability and handling. This clearly also applies in spades to their tools and accessories. At FLEX, every one is a master of its trade: from wall and ceiling sanders to mixers and portable vacuum cleaners.

Drywall sanding on a construction site with a cordless Giraffe

Wall and ceiling sander

Great user convenience, application diversity and reliable quality: The FLEX Giraffe® has always been synonymous with optimum handiness, good balance and a perfect work result.

FLEX is also the only supplier of long-neck sanders to offer a complete package of Giraffes on the market: From cordless to corded long-neck sanders, to concrete grinders, to handy drywall sanders. Just real proformance.

Lightness meets precision: a real game changer!

Discover the new dimension of sanding with the Giraffe GE 6 R – guaranteed first-class sanding results on your next construction site!

FLEX new giraffe with carbon fibre guide tube for sanding walls and ceilings

Weighing just 2.8 kg, the GE 6 R enables you to achieve precise results on ceilings and walls with ease. The carbon fibre guide tube ensures quiet, vibration-free operation, while the inline design guarantees optimum balance and flexibility. The innovative sanding head geometry maximises your manoeuvrability and efficiency for every task.

Ready for the next level?

The FLEX Giraffes

The right Giraffe for every job

  • 3 Versions
    GE MH 18.0-EC
    Cordless wall and ceiling sander Giraffe® with interchangeable head system 18.0 V
  • 7 Versions
    GE 7 + MH-O + SH
    Giraffe® wall and ceiling sander with interchangeable head system
  • 2 Versions
    GE 5
    Giraffe® wall and ceiling sander
  • 2 Versions
    GDE 10 Set Thermo-Jet
    Concrete wall and ceiling grinder Giraffe® with interchangeable head system
  • 3 Versions
    GCE 6-EC
    Handy-Giraffe® wall and ceiling sander with interchangeable head system
  • GM 340
    Mobile workstation for wall and ceiling sanders

Renovation and special machines

FLEX offers a wide range of machines for professional renovation and modernisation work - from universal tools to compact renovation grinders for edge grinding and renovation grinders with and without variable speed to renovation grinders for surfaces.


Sanding and levelling a floor with a FLEX RETECFLEX

The universal tool for renovation, refurbishing and modernisation.

Its wide speed range enables the RETECFLEX to be used multifunctionally. Whether working on wood, using diamond grinding pads, milling plaster or grinding concrete, the RETECFLEX covers a wide range of possible applications when it comes to renovation and modernising.

Renovation grinder

Robust renovation grinders for working close to edges, working on surfaces and dust-free grinding.

  • LD 16-8 125 R, Kit E-Jet

    Compact renovation grinder for dust-free grinding close to edges, 125 mm

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  • LDE 16-8 125 R, Kit E-Jet

    Renovation grinder with variable speed for dust-free edge grinding, 125 mm.

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  • LD 18-7 150 R, Kit E-Jet

    1800 watt powerful grinding machine for working close to edges, 150 mm

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  • LD 24-6 180, Kit E-Jet

    Grinding machine for large areas, 180 mm

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FLEX sanders

The compact all-rounders

Unique compact design, effective dust extraction and handy - FLEX palm sanders with speed control are the all-rounders when it comes to renovation. Available as orbital sanders, random orbit sanders and delta sanders. The multi-hole system allows the use of all FLEX pads and all common pads on the market.

Safety vacuum cleaner

Dust-free working on a construction site with a FLEX safety vacuum cleaner

For maximum performance against dust, dirt and hazardous substances. FLEX vacuum cleaners are available in dust classes L, M and H - the right vacuum cleaner for every job. The compact cordless and corded class also ensures outstanding flexibility.

  • Dust-free and a clean construction site

  • Power tools with a long run time and service life

  • Quick stowage of the working material

Indispensable for building and renovation, refurbishment and modernising

From mixing machines and lasers to construction site air purifiers and angle grinders

  • Easy mixing of bagged goods on a construction site with FLEX mixer

    Mixing machines

    1-speed and 2-speed mixers from FLEX

    FLEX mixers guarantee homogeneous mixing regardless of consistency: Tile adhesives and grouts, paints, coatings and pastes, fillers and levelling compounds, as well as mortar, plaster and concrete are all thoroughly mixed by the mixer.


  • Perfect measuring results on a construction site with a FLEX laser

    Measuring technology and lasers

    For precision in perfection

    From self-levelling multi-line lasers to crossline lasers and 360° crossline lasers with receiver mode to receivers, laser rangefinders, spirit levels and tripods - FLEX measuring technology and lasers guarantee precision working .


  • Clean construction site with a FLEX construction site air purifier

    Construction site air purifiers

    For a construction site free of dust and pollutants

    Fine dust and pollutants such as mould spores are major causes of bad air on a construction site. Cleaning the polluted air is uncomplicated and quiet with a FLEX construction air purifier. 99.99 % and 99.995 % respectively of all particles are retained in combination by the HEPA H13 and HEPA H14 filters.


  • Cutting metal with a FLEX angle grinder

    Angle grinders

    The real FLEX

    FLEX angle grinders impress with powerful motors, user-oriented features and perfect ergonomics. Either battery-powered or corded - both types are perfect for a wide range of work in construction, renovation and refurbishment.



Scrape off tile adhesive with the FLEX Multitool

With its versatile applications, the FLEX Multitool is a reliable companion when it comes to renovation, modernisation, construction and refurbishment, as well as for interior finishing, painting and drywall construction.

The applications range from sawing, cutting, cutting out and making plunge cuts in wood, plastic and plasterboard, to scraping off silicone joints, paint and carpet glue. In addition, tiles can be cut effortlessly and old tile grout and tile adhesive can be removed.


What's the difference between refurbishment and renovation?

Renovation means damage repair, so it's done when there's a serious defect or when a building is damaged. The renovation repairs the damage to the building and restores it to its original state. The renovated components are thus restored to their original quality following the renovation. Renovations are often complex, so they require specialist knowledge and should be carried out by an expert if possible. Typical measures that are carried out when renovating a house include removing mould, draining the cellar, repairing a leaking roof or sealing a balcony or terrace. Renovation solutions are also necessary for, among other things, cracks in plaster.

If structural damage requires renovation, modernising is often carried out at the same time. Modernising means bringing a house or building up to date and improving it to increase its value. For example, by insulating the roof and walls to increase a house's energy efficiency or by installing a new heating system with lower energy consumption.

Refurbishment, like renovation, involves restoring a building to its original condition. However, this isn't about defects in buildings but about optimising their visual appeal. Minor defects from daily wear and tear are repaired in the process. Refurbishment work includes wallpapering, painting walls and façades and laying new flooring. In most cases, home-owners can do this work themselves.

What are the benefits of these measures?

Renovation, refurbishment or modernisation deliver a wide range of advantages. In all cases, comfort inside the buildings is increased and their visual appearance is improved. Renovation also delivers financial benefits thanks to less energy consumption, especially in the case of energy renovation. Lower CO2 emissions and heating costs are also part of it.

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