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FLEX automotive system

Car polishing

Polishing without compromises

FLEX polishers have always been the benchmark for professional surface finishing. Whether for boat polishing, aircraft polishing, motorbike or car polishing and car detailing, FLEX polishing machines make every surface shine.

FLEX supplies both mains-operated polishers for work in the workshop and cordless polishers for flexible use anywhere. Whether it's for car polishing, aircraft polishing or boat polishing, our machines make proper polishing and paint preparation possible any time and anywhere.

FLEX offers an ideal polishing system in the shape of polishing machines, pads and polishes. Other products are also at the user's disposal to get the best results from the paintwork polish. From the lamp for perfect surface lighting to the cordless drill driver and the compact vacuum cleaner, the FLEX system for the automotive sector covers all bases when it comes to car reconditioning.

The right drive for the perfect polishing result

The right technique depends on experience and the task. The FLEX polishing system represents the complete spectrum of drive technologies for polishing machines, which means that the perfect polishing machine can be found for every user. 

As a matter of principle: Rotary polishers are for experienced users only due to their high removal rate, and they usually require subsequent high-gloss finishing with a random-orbit polisher. Free-running random-orbit polishers are suitable for all users, including beginners.

Sanding car body work with FLEX ORE

Sanding on a car

Time-saving and dust-free

The FLEX Automotive System not only offers users the option of traditional polishing. Sanding paintwork is also no problem with the ORE 3-150 EC random-orbit sander.

The brushless motor makes the machine lighter and ensures pleasantly quiet running with up to 30% more removal. In addition, the sander requires no maintenance thanks to the brushless motor. The ORE's vacuum cleaner connection guarantees dust-free working.

The hook and loop backing pad has a multi-hole system onto which all other commercially available polishing pads fit, besides FLEX polishing pads.

Small areas on the automobile can also be perfectly sanded with the PXE 80 daisy disc grinder.

Cordless or mains? The choice is yours!

FLEX cordless random-orbit polisher with positive-action drive

XCE 8 125 18.0-EC

FLEX random-orbit polisher with positive-action drive

XCE 10-8 125

Regardless of whether it's an 18 V cordless machine or a mains one - there are no differences in performance when it comes to polishing with a FLEX polishing machine

Long run time or maximum flexibility: Thanks to the cordless and mains-powered machines delivering the same performance, the same car polishing result can be achieved without having to change over. In both systems, there is a choice of random-orbit and rotary drive types.

Perfect for spot repairs & reconditioning – PXE 80

FLEX smart polisher PXE with quick-change system

Polishing small and hard-to-reach surfaces is now no longer a problem with the PXE, the EC smart polisher from FLEX.

Quick-change system on the PXE


Simply change over manually in 10 seconds and switch applications without using tools.

Daisy disc grinding with smart polisher PXE

Daisy disc grinding

The daisy disc grinder can be used to remove faulty and overpaint quickly and cleanly.

Polishing with smart polisher PXE


The PXE is suitable for highly abrasive polishing as well as for hologram removal during finishing.

Interior polishing with FLEX PXE smart polisher


The extended grip surface enables the PXE 80 to be used for preparing the paint safely and very flexibly.

The flexible shaft

Flexible shaft for smart polisher PXE

Effortless polishing of door handle recesses, radiator grilles or car logos is no longer a problem with the flexible shaft for the PXE 80. The innovative system allows for perfect car polishing and brings the paintwork back to a high gloss all over the car.

Order in your detailing hall!

Wall mount for FLEX polishing machines, charger, batteries and polishes

Large wall mount for polishing machines

Wall mount for FLEX polishing machines

Small wall mount for polishing machines

FLEX wall holders - order and efficiency for your detailing hall! Your FLEX polishing machines are always ready to hand and safely stored. Space-saving and equipped with edge protection, our wall holders offer the ideal storage place. No more tedious searching, no more valuable wasted space. You can focus on efficient work and enjoy a perfectly organized workshop. Get our FLEX wall mounts now and optimize your detailing hall!

Reliable in the system – FLEX accessories for perfect polishing results

From polishing machines to polishing pads and polishes, FLEX offers the perfect combination for a shiny surface.

FLEX 3D printing data for machine wall holders and FLEX machines in detailing hall

Discover. Create. FLEX.

Finally order in your hall, workshop or basement:

Download free 3D print data for FLEX wall holders now!

The perfect system for the automotive sector

  • LED cordless full-spectrum light

    Cordless LED full-spectrum light

    • Thanks to the Detail Light DWL 2500 10.8/18.0, you'll no longer miss scratches and imperfections in the paintwork.

    • Mobile working thanks to the FLEX cordless system, with 10.8 V and 18 V battery power


  • Paint surface check with the LED Swirl Finder

    LED Swirl Finder

    • Ideal for checking surface conditions. Thanks to colour temperature and reproduction, surface damage such as holograms and scratches can be made more visible

    • Light intensity 140 lumens and adjustable focus with a beam angle of 10°-70°


  • Screw-fitting on car body with 2-speed cordless drill driver

    Cordless drill driver

    • The powerful all-rounder 

    • With quick-change system for easy, tool-free exchange of angle attachment, chuck and bit holder


  • Sanding car paintwork with random-orbit sander with speed control

    Random-orbit sander with speed control

    • The adjustable speed makes the sanding speed suitable for the material

    • Impact-resistant filter cartridge with replaceable PES filter allows easy dust disposal or filter cleaning with the maximum service life


  • Extraction with safety vacuum cleaner for car paint sanding

    Safety vacuum cleaner with manual filter cleaning system

    • Handy and compact vacuum cleaner, easy to use and easy to transport

    • The high-performance turbine ensures both a high suction capacity and a high vacuum. The outcome is an excellent extraction result


  • Vacuum cleaning car interiors with the portable cordless vacuum cleaner

    Portable cordless vacuum cleaner

    • Small, compact, portable - with powerful 18 V of battery power 

    • Perfect for professional cleaning of vehicles, workshops, warehouses, final assembly, offices etc.


  • Vacuum cleaning car interiors with the compact vacuum cleaner

    Compact vacuum cleaner

    • Small, compact, mega power - the small vacuum cleaner with a cable

    • Very compact, handy and light vacuum cleaner with carrying strap for mobile use. Fits in all vehicles thanks to its compact design


  • Changing tractor tyres with the 18 V cordless impact drill

    Cordless impact screwdriver 18 V

    • Square holder for 3/4" impact nuts

    • Powerful impact mechanism: Maximum power enables (for example) rusted screw connections to be loosened even in extreme applications


  • Changing tyres with 1/2" cordless impact drill

    Cordless impact screwdriver 18 V

    • Speed command: Three different speed ranges can be set for different applications. One of the benefits is that this prevents small screws from being overtightened

    • Integrated LED lamp with persistence function


  • Car paintwork drying with the FLEX cordless blower

    Cordless blower

    • 18 V of battery power, perfect for drying the paintwork surface 

    • Ideal for hard-to-reach places thanks to its compact design 


  • Music on the construction site with the FLEX cordless construction site radio

    Cordless radio

    • Cordless construction site radio with mega sound and LED light strips 

    • With integrated Bluetooth® technology, AUX input, USB port and charging possibility for smartphones and tablets


  • Checking car tyre pressures with the cordless compressor

    Cordless compressor

    • Pressure presetting with automatic shut-off when the desired pressure is reached

    • Perfect flexibility thanks to 18 V battery power and 12 V on-board voltage via the cigarette adapter. For filling car and bicycle tyres


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When should you polish a car and what does it achieve?

If the paintwork is scratched or damaged by things such as stone chips, dirt or bird droppings, it makes sense to polish the car as this damage attacks the upper layer of paint and makes the vehicle look unclean. Marks from the car wash and other damage also make the paint look unsightly and are reasons to use a professional car polish or to polish the car yourself. Using a polishing machine to polish your car removes scratches from the car's paintwork and applies a high gloss to the surface. A good car polish makes the car look like new from the outside.

Who benefits from a car polish?

A good car polish is a worthwhile investment for car lovers in particular. Scratches in the paintwork are especially annoying on a particularly high-quality vehicle, and a good polish makes sense. For an older vehicle or a classic car, car polishing and car care can make a big difference in its appearance.

In principle however, car polishing is worthwhile for any vehicle because besides the new sheen, the paintwork is then better protected against environmental effects and is easier to clean.

Can the interior also be improved?

After a while, it's not just polishing the paintwork that makes sense when it comes to a car's appearance. Taking care of the vehicle's interior can also make a difference. For example, damage to the dashboard varnish can be removed with a polish, or damage to the upholstery in the car can be repaired. So a good car improvement should always include the interior of the car.

What's the right way to polish?

Car polishing involves removing the top coat of paint on the car and exposing a new coat. Before you start polishing a car, it must first needs to be prepared by washing it. You can do this either by hand or in a car wash. To polish the car, you then need a polishing pad or sponge or polishing wool, besides the correct polishing agent or polish, plus a microfibre cloth. This allows optimum paint preparation and polishing to a high gloss. A polishing machine is also used with a professional car polish. This obtains the desired result more quickly, but there is a risk of damage.  

First of all, three pea-sized dots of polish should be applied to the pad, and the surface sprayed with water. This allows you to distribute the polish more evenly over the paintwork. You can then start polishing the car. The polish must first be carefully spread on the sheet metal with the polishing machine on a low to medium setting. The machine is guided over the surface and the paintwork in circular movements. Care must be taken to ensure that the polishing sponge is sufficiently supplied with polish so that the paint is sufficiently cooled. It is also important to keep the polisher moving and to apply only light, even pressure to the car paintwork. Finally, the paintwork must be repolished with a special attachment. The subsequent finish is also part of professional car preparation. This effectively seals the paint to protect the car from the weather, insects and UV radiation.

Which pad and which polish should I use?

The right polish should be used to optimally prepare the car paintwork. Weaker polishes are more suitable for beginners, as these reduce the risk of holograms. Depending on the condition of the paintwork, you can start with a coarser polish and then finish polishing using a finer polish. The right sanding pads are also required. The harder the sponge, the greater the abrasive effect.

When should clear varnish be sanded on the car?

Sanding the car's clear varnish is always a good idea when a coarse polish is not sufficient to remove damage or scratches. For smaller scratches, it is usually sufficient to sand the affected area and then polish it. If the damage affects the primer or even the metal of the car body, the entire paintwork should be sanded down. If the vehicle is to be repainted, the paint must also be sanded to ensure adhesion.

What needs to be considered for a smart repair/spot repair?

In the case of a "smart repair", it is important to ensure that the damaged area is no larger than 3cm. The total repair area should not be larger than an A4 sheet of paper.

  1. Sand the damaged area down to the substrate.

  2. Smooth the damaged area with putty

  3. Sand the putty area flat

  4. Prime

  5. Apply the base coat

  6. Apply clear varnish

  7. Paint the transition

  8. Polish

What is the difference between the sanding strokes?

It is very important that the correct sanding stroke is used for the removal rate required. The removal rate of a 5 mm sanding stroke is approximately twice that of a 3 mm sanding stroke. The 3 mm sanding stroke is therefore particularly suitable if the clear coat is not to be sanded down to the primer, or if fine sanding is to be done. The high removal rate of the 5 mm sanding stroke makes it very good for sanding down to the substrate.

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