Construction worker with the mobile FLEX construction air purifier

Air cleaner for construction sites – for a construction site free of dust and pollutants

Our tools help you make good progress on the construction site. Some construction work causes dust in the process, and pollutants enter the air. Besides contaminating rooms, this dust can also affect the user's health. The portable FLEX air cleaner for construction sites ensures less cleaning on the construction site or in the workshop, protects the health of users and their colleagues on the construction site. The portable air cleaner for construction sites ensures a clean and safe working environment on the construction site thanks to its simple and quick operation, making it the ideal solution for drywallers, painters, tilers, renovation companies and the entire construction industry.

VAC 800-EC air cleaner for construction sites

The FLEX air cleaner for construction sites is the perfect companion for air pollution control during renovation and deconstruction work in areas contaminated with dust, known as the "black zone". By using coarse, fine M/H filters as well as activated carbon filters, respirable fine dusts up to HEPA 14 are filtered out of the air. Even when working with hazardous substances such as asbestos or mould, the air cleaner for construction sites reliably cleans the air in the room. There are two possible ways of using the FLEX air cleaner for construction sites. Dust extraction directly at the point of origin or hazard, such as when knocking off plaster, mortar or tiles. Or preventing the spread of dust to other, clean areas of the construction site by installing mobile plastic walls and airlocks that ensure a negative pressure is achieved.

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Portable FLEX VAC 800-EC air cleaner for construction sites
Dust Class H

Dust Class H

  • Effective against highly dangerous dust

  • Filtering of highly dangerous and carcinogenic dusts such as asbestos, mineral fibres, mould spores and lead dust

Dust Class M

Dust Class M

  • Effective against dusts in the medium dust class

  • Filtering of wood and metal dusts and also paint particles. Perfect for use in joiners' workshops, paint shops or in locksmiths' shops

Brushless EC motor

Brushless EC motor

  • Greater efficiency and a longer service life

  • Energy-efficient and low-maintenance

Clean working, clean air

  • Reducing dust pollution with construction air purifiers

    Dust level reduced even without suction extraction

    Dust extracted in jobs with high dust emission levels
    • Ideal for work such as stirring and mixing bagged goods, chiselling work and other dusty jobs

    • Simple, toolless fitting of the extraction hood

  • Working with the construction air purifier

    White and black zones easily separated

    Negative pressure cleans the room air in the working area
    • Ideal for keeping white zones clean: Dust protection walls and negative pressure through air cleaners

    • Adjustable flow rate setting via a rotary switch, allowing a freely adjustable negative pressure

The right filter for any construction site

Simple toolless "Top Change" filter changing

System accessories for the air cleaner for construction sites

From pre-filter mats to activated carbon filters against odours in the office or on the construction site to HEPA 13 and 14 filters that filter even virus and bacteria particles from the room air, FLEX offers all the accessories you need for filter changing.

  • VAC-SAD D125
  • VAC-FG G3
    Front grille
  • VAC-AT D315
    Air flow adapter
  • SH 125 x 5 m C
  • SH 125x6m C
  • SH 125 x 88 m PP
  • DL 2,3x1,3 m PP
    Door airlock

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