Safety vacuum cleaner with manual filter cleaning system, 20 l, class M

Technical data
Power consumption1200 W
Voltage230 V
Frequency50/60 Hz
Vacuum cleaner flow rate3700 l/min
Max. vacuum24500 Pa
Tank volume20 L
Equipment socketYes
Automatic switch-on, power toolsYes
Suction power controlmechanical
Hose length3.5m
Number of suction motors1 Cont.
Cable length7.5 m
Dimensions WxLxH377 x 387 x 506 mm
Weight9.5 kg


  • Handy and compact vacuum cleaner, easy to use and easy to transport
  • The high-performance turbine ensures both a high suction capacity and a high vacuum. The outcome is an excellent extraction result
  • By actuating manual filter cleaning, dust deposited in the filter element is removed by a targeted blast of air
  • Level monitor, no malfunctions when drawing in liquids thanks to installed float valve
  • With appliance socket and electronic automatic switch on/off
  • Soft start stops any voltage peaks at the start and the run-on feature (5 sec. overrun) empties any remaining dust in the vacuum hose
  • With accessories magazine for suction nozzles and suction tubes on the back
  • Equipped with large wheels and two swivel guide rollers
  • Features a filter bag made of highly tear-proof fleece for optimum filling. The extracted dust can be disposed of without difficulty
  • Selector switch suction diameter of 32 mm or 21 mm to adjust the optimum flow rate
  • The flow rate control via the rotary switch minimises possible vacuums on the surface during intermediate and finish sanding
  • Dust-protected antistatic finish prevents electric charging of the suction hose
  • Class M safety vacuum cleaner, suitable for all dusts with OEL values ≥ 0.1 mg/m³. Specifically for mineral and timber dusts (also beech and oak)
  • Flow sensor technology monitors the flow rate and emits an audible signal to indicate any drop below the statutory minimum value of ≤ 20m/s

Matching accessories

  • SH 27x3,5m AS
    Antistatic suction hose
  • FE VC/E 21-26 PET M
    Filter element
  • FS-F VC/E 21-26 L VE5
    Fleece filter bag
  • ES-PP VC/E 21-26 VE5
    Disposal bag
  • VCE CConnect
    CordlessConnect system
  • VCE CTape
    Rubber grid tape for CordlessConnect system
  • SAD-C D36/27 AS/NL
    Clip adapter
  • SAD-FC 32
    Fast clip adapter
  • SAM-C 32 AS/NL
    Threaded ring clip with auxiliary air control
  • SAM-C R32 AS/NL
    Suction hose snap coupling repair kit
  • SH-C 32
    Snap-ring grey
  • SH-FC 32
    Clip-on quick clamping ring red
    Special adapter
  • SH 32x4m WS 702
    Suction hose
  • SH-CF 32 x 4m AS/NL
    Antistatic suction hose with auxiliary air control
  • SHV-C 32x0,5m
    Suction hose extension
  • SAD D32-36
    Coupling bush
  • SAD-32 VC/VCE AS
    Rotating vacuum adapter
  • SAD-C 32 AS
  • SAD 32/32
    Coupling bush
  • SAD D25-32 AS
  • SAD 27 AS
  • SAD D32 WS/WSK
    Special adapter
  • SAD D32-28
    Special adapter
  • SAD BS D32
    Drill dust adapter
  • Cable clip, 1 piece
    Cable clip
  • CLE 32 AS + L-Boxx
    Cleaning set
  • CLE 32 AS
    Cleaning set
  • K-C 32 KU AS
  • KN 36x260
    Combination floor nozzle
  • BN 36x220
    Brush nozzle
  • V 36x350 INOX VE3
    Extension tube
  • RN 36x120
    Round brush
  • FD D36 90x120mm
    Surface nozzle
  • FN D36x300
    Floor nozzle
  • FN-AL 36x370
    Floor nozzle with rollers
  • GL-FN-AL 36x370 VE2
    Rubber strip
  • BL-FN-AL 36x370 VE2
    Brush strip
  • CNW 36x400
    Clip floor nozzle with rollers
  • BL-CNW 36x400 VE2
    Brush strip
  • GL-CNW 36x400 VE2
    Rubber strip

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