GE MH 18.0-EC/5.0 Set+MH-X

Cordless wall and ceiling sander Giraffe® with interchangeable head system 18.0 V

Technical data
Battery voltage18.0 V
Battery capacity2.5 / 5.0 Ah
Backing pad diameter225 mm
No-load speed1150 - 1800 rpm
Orbit rate, no load MH-T3950-6200 opm
Orbit rate, no load MH-X3200-5000 opm
Head angle of inclination100 °
Tool holder, wall and ceiling sanderhook and loop
Number of supplied batteries2 Cont.
With chargerYes
Length1440 mm
Weight without battery pack2.8 kg
Weight with battery pack4.1 kg


  • Very handy, light-weight machine with optimum ease of operation. Provides comfortable and ergonomic working conditions
  • Brushless motor with greater efficiency and a longer service life
  • Fitted with innovative interchangeable head system. Sanding heads are attached and removed with a click
Interchangeable head systemABC
  • Excentric sanding head with a 4 mm stroke that makes it easy to achieve perfect surfaces in Q3 and Q4quality
  • Electronics: Speed preselection with adjustment wheel, overload protection, restart lock and temperature monitoring
  • Easy guiding: by optimal balance between motor and sanding head
  • Reliable force transmission and high flexibility thanks to the flexible drive shaft from. For decades established “FLEX technology”. Thanks to this design principle the weight on the head of the Giraffe is reduced to a minimum. This facilitates handling.
  • Gimbal-mounted sanding head provides high flexibility and optimum adjustment for sanding walls and ceilings.
  • Effective dust extraction from between the brush ring and the sanding pad prevents clogging of the abrasive and promotes a dust-free working environment
  • Option of connecting the FLEX safety vacuum cleaners to the FLEX clip-system on the guide tube
  • Electronic management system (EMS) protects the machine, extends the service life, and increases efficiency
  • Dust-proof on/off switch
  • LED battery capacity display
  • FLEX battery system: suitable for all FLEX 18,0 V battery packs

Matching accessories

  • MH-R D225
    Rotary sanding head with edge segment
  • 8 Versions
    Hook-and-loop sanding paper (perforated)
  • MH-O D225
    Round sanding head
  • SAD-FC 32
    Fast clip adapter
  • SH-C 32x4m AS/NL
    Antistatic suction hose with auxiliary air control
  • 10 Versions
    Hook-and-loop sanding paper SELECTFLEX
  • SAD-C D36/27 AS/NL
    Clip adapter
  • 4 Versions
    Diamond sanding pad
  • MH-T 290x290
    Triangular sanding head
  • D225 GT-K80 VE25
    Hook-and-loop sanding grid
  • D225 GT-K100 VE25
    Hook-and-loop sanding grid
  • 9 Versions
    Hook-and-loop sanding paper SELECTFLEX
  • IP D225-10 VE2
    Interface Ø 225, round
  • SP-X D225
    Hook-and-loop backing pad Ø 225, round
  • SP-T 290 x 290
    Hook-and-loop triangular backing pad
  • D225 SU-S 320 VE5
    Superfinishing pad
  • D225 SU-S 1200 VE5
    Superfinishing pad
  • KAD D225/16 S
    Padded adapter for hook-and-loop paper
  • KAD D225/16 H
    Padded adapter for hook-and-loop paper
  • KAD D225/16 Set
    Hook-and-loop backing pad Ø 225, round
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack 18,0 V
  • P-Set 55 R
    Power 55 R
  • P-Set 22 Q
    Power 22 Q
  • TBE-T/B GE5/7/18
    Insert carrying case head/handle retainer
  • VCE CConnect
    CordlessConnect system
  • VCE CTape
    Rubber grid tape for CordlessConnect system
  • D225 SC-A100 VE10
    Hook-and-loop sanding fleece
  • D225 SC-A180 VE10
    Hook-and-loop sanding fleece
  • VCE-GE Fix
    Giraffe holder

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