Interior polishing with FLEX PXE 80

So that everything's as good as new

Cordless smart polisher PXE 80 10.8-EC

Maximum sheen in every corner. Whether it's polishing piano lacquer in the interior, doing a quick damage spot repair, correcting faulty paintwork or overpainting with spot disc grinding or highly abrasive polishing, as well as hologram removal and finishing with the polishing disc - with the PXE 80-EC you've got exactly the right tool for every polishing job. Real performance for professionals in the fields of detailing, smart repairs, car body construction and vehicle painting. 

PXE 80 10.8-EC

Incredible flexibility in car refinishing thanks to the cordless smart polisher. With the PXE you're ready for any task - from spot disc grinding to hologram-free finishing - with just one polishing machine. The polisher impresses with its simple and toolless quick-change system, allowing you to switch between a rotary or random-orbit drive in just 10 seconds. As well as ensuring optimum weight distribution, clever positioning of the 10.8 V battery also allows sensitive guidance of the polisher to suit the user. Gives the user maximum freedom of movement and comfort when polishing and refinishing rims, cars, motorbikes, boats, motor homes, trucks or aircraft.

FLEX PXE easy to convert without tools
Pictogram tool-free change FLEX

Toolless quick-change system

  • Toolless changeover in just 10 seconds

  • Quick and easy changeover between rotary and random-orbit drive

Pictogram speed steps FLEX

Variable speed levels

  • Four speed levels suitable for different working conditions

  • LED indicator makes speed levels clearly recognisable

Pictogram 10.8V Battery Power FLEX

10.8 V battery power

  • FLEX 10.8 V battery system: Operation with all FLEX 10.8V battery packs.

  • LED cordless capacity indicator

The smart polisher for every job

  • Tool-free drive type change FLEX PXE

    Quick-change system

    Toolless drive type change in just 10 seconds
    • Rotary and free-running random orbit drive types

    • Polishing, spot disc grinding & sanding

    • 3 mm and 12 mm stroke, depending on the application

  • Reworking of rim by floral grinding with FLEX PXE

    Fast spot damage correction

    Spot disc grinding removes overpainting easily and quickly
    • Ø 30 mm hook & loop discs (hook & loop sanding discs) & Ø 30 mm adhesive discs (adhesive sanding discs)

    • Can be combined with the 3 mm stroke random-orbit drive, or also rotary for specialist jobs.

  • Reconditioning piano lacquer in the interior FLEX PXE

    Polishing in every corner

    Refinishing and polishing smaller interior and exterior surfaces
    • Highly-abrasive polishing, hologram removal or finishing

    • Flexible polishing with polishing pads < 75 mm

The right drive for any scratch

Simple and quick toolless changing

Polishing a narrow spot Door handle recess with FLEX PXE Flexible shaft

Flexible shaft for PXE 80 10.8-EC

Maximum flexibility when polishing tight, hard-to-reach areas such as car door handle recesses, radiator grilles, exterior mirrors, vehicle emblems, logos, lettering or tight interior areas. Effortlessly make all painted surfaces shine with the flexible shaft, the quick-change mechanism for the FLEX PXE. Measuring 140 cm in length, the flexible shaft provides maximum flexibility as well as comfortable working with a product made of the highest quality material.

FLEX PXE wall holder from the 3D printer

Discover. Create. FLEX.

You want to store your PXE safely and provide order and structure in your hall, workshop or basement?

No problem with the free 3D print data for a wall holder for your FLEX PXE!

System accessory for smart polisher PXE

  • TKE PXE 80 10.8-EC
    Case insert
  • 3 Versions
    TK-L 136
    Carrying case L-BOXX®
  • 3 Versions
    TW-PT 80
    Polishing lambswool, premium
  • PT-MF 380 Dual
    Microfibre cloth, universal
  • 8 Versions
    PP-C 25 VE 5
    Cutting pad, hard
  • 8 Versions
    PP-C 50 VE 5
    Cutting pad, hard
  • 8 Versions
    PP-M 25 VE 5
    Universal pad, medium
  • 8 Versions
    PP-M 50 VE 5
    Universal pad, medium
  • 8 Versions
    PP-F 25 VE 5
    Finishing pad, soft
  • 8 Versions
    PP-F 50 VE 5
    Finishing pad, soft

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