3D printed data sets for wall holders of FLEX polishing machines

3D Print your tool accessory

You want to bring order into your detailing hall? Finally attach your FLEX machines with a cool holder?
Then simply download our free 3D print data from our shop and print out the FLEX holders on your 3D printer!
If you don't have a 3D printer, you can also have the holders printed out by an online supplier.


FLEX 3D Print Wall Holders Rendering Metal look

No matter whether you have a FLEX PXE, PE, XFE or XCE polishing machine - simply download the matching 3D print data set and bring order to your detailing hall. In addition to the polishing machines, you can also mount your accessories neatly on the wall: You will find data sets for our 10.8 V and 18 V batteries and also for the FLEX rapid charger. You can also download holders for drying the polishing pads.

Discover the latest 3D print models

  • FLEX machines on wall holders from 3D printer in detailing hall

    Machine holders for polishing machines

    Free 3D print data for wall holders of the FLEX PXE, PE, XCE and XFE. For more order and overview in your detailing hall. Available for cable and battery machines.

  • FLEX machines and charger on wall holders from 3D printer in detailing hall

    FLEX wall holder for Rapid Charger

    Finally the perfect place for your FLEX Rapid Charger: Download the FLEX 3D print data for the FLEX Rapid Charger and easily mount your charger in your detailing hall, workshop or basement.

  • FLEX PE on wall holders from 3D printer in detailing hall

    FLEX wall holder for cable machines

    The FLEX wall holder for cable machines offers you not only a place for the machine but also a way to store the associated cable sensibly and neatly. Simply download free 3D print data and hang up your FLEX machines in your hall or workshop.

  • FLEX polishing pads on wall holders from 3D printer in Halle

    Perfect place for drying your polishing pads

    Finally, the perfect place to dry your used polishing pads: Simply download the free FLEX 3D print data, print out the FLEX pad holder and dry your pads on your hall wall. It even comes with an integrated drip tray for your washed pads.

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