VLP 18.0 C

Cordless vacuum lifter 18 V Grabo

Standard supply
  • 1× Carrying bag
Technical data
Rated air flow20 l/min
Max. vacuum0,8 bar
Allowed lifting capacity130 kg
Max. holding force 170 kg
Working temperature0°~60 °
Dimensions WxLxH300 x 184 x 121 mm
Battery voltage18.0 V
Battery capacity2.5 / 5.0 / 8.0 Ah
Weight without battery pack1.48 kg


  • The ergonomically-designed, portable electric vacuum lifter lifts and moves almost any object and puts it effortlessly into place. This vacuum lifter is ideal for various materials such as tiles, drywall panels, concrete blocks, glass, metals, furniture and large electrical appliances. Its powerful functionality ensures that heavy objects are handled both efficiently and reliably.
  • The vacuum lifter has a holding force of up to 170 kg that depends on the ambient conditions, and it sucks on almost any surface - even dusty, rough or semi-porous materials. The permissible load-bearing capacity is 130 kg
  • Work safety has the highest priority. The vacuum lifter has an automatic suction function and the digital display continuously provides information about the current negative pressure
  • With a powerful vacuum pump, stops automatically at maximum vacuum
  • Electronic management system (EMS) protects the machine, extends the service life, and increases efficiency
  • LED battery capacity display
  • FLEX battery system: suitable for all FLEX 18 V battery packs. Delivery does not include battery and charger

Matching accessories

  • GRF-S VL
    Standard sealing system
    Sealing system for rough surfaces
    Sealing system for narrow surfaces
  • Carrying case L-BOXX®
  • 4 Versions
    Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack 18,0 V
  • AP 18/8.0
    Battery pack Li-Ion Power Plus

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