LD 16-8 125 R, Kit Turbo-Jet II

Compact renovation grinder for dust-free grinding close to edges, 125 mm

Technical data
Power consumption1600 W
Power output950 W
Voltage230 V
Frequency50/60 Hz
Disc diameter125 mm
No-load speed7800 rpm
Tool holder, renovation grinderM14
Cable length4.0 m
Weight3.1 kg


  • Electronic control: with tachogenerator constant speed control, soft start, overload protection and temperature monitoring
  • Dust extraction: prevents dust nuisance, reduces disc wear, keeps the concrete pores open for the new coating
  • Reliable 1600 watt high-performance motor with sufficient power reserves
  • Anti-Kickback - this shuts down the motor on the disc being blocked
  • Guard with pivoting segment to allow grinding right up to the wall. Height-adjustable to the disc height and for optimum dust extraction
  • With steplessly adjustable, vibration-proof, ergonomic bail handle, for optimum handling and machine control
  • For fast hose connection. FLEX clip connection for Ø 32 mm snap connection included in the standard equipment
  • Recessed spindle lock, to avoid unintentional activation
  • Ideally suited for processing walls, ceilings and floors. Efficient and economic working thanks to optimum coordination between machine and sanding disc
  • Turbo-Jet grinding disc with optimum removal rate. The large number of diamond segments provides a considerably quieter operating performance and a more attractive sanding pattern. Ideal for surface grinding on mineral substrates.

Matching accessories

  • Basic-Cut D125 22,2
    Diamond grinding disc
  • PKD-Jet D125 22,2
    PCD grinding disc
  • Thermo-Jet diamond grinding disc
  • Screed-Jet diamond grinding disc
  • 2 Versions
    Turbo-Jet diamond grinding disc
  • S-Jet D125 22,2
    Surface-Jet diamond grinding disc
  • 2 Versions
    Brush ring
  • TKE-AR 238
    Anti slip insert L-BOXX®
    Trolley L-BOXX®
  • PCD grinding disc
  • Extraction hood with pivoting edge segment
  • Cable clip, 1 piece
    Cable clip
  • Hexagon socket wrench
  • Carrying case L-BOXX®
  • TKE LD 15-10 125
    Case insert

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