CHE 2-28 SDS-plus

Universal rotary hammer drill, 2,5 kg, SDS-plus

Standard supply
  • 1× Seitenhandgr. kpl CHE 2-28 SDS (417661)
  • 1× Tiefenanschlag CHE 2-28 SDS pl (417769)
  • 1× TK-L 136 (414085)
Technical data
Power consumption800 W
Voltage230 V
Frequency50/60 Hz
Tool holder, drill and chiselSDS-plus
Max. single impact energy2.7 J
No-load speed0 - 1300 rpm
No-load blows0 - 4000 bpm
Max. drilling diameter in concrete28 mm
Max. drilling diameter in wood30 mm
Max. drilling diameter in steel13 mm
Cable length4.0 m
Dimensions WxLxH360 x 85 x 200 mm
Weight2.65 kg


  • Light 800 watt hammer drill and chisel hammer, pistol-shaped with the clockwise/anticlockwise rotation function
  • Hammer drilling
  • Max. drilling range up to 28 mm in concrete
  • Ideal for drilling and hammer drilling, diameters from 4-18 mm in masonry and concrete for dowel fixings or through-holes.
  • For light-duty chiselling work when removing plaster and tiles
  • Rotation stop for chiselling
  • Clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation with switchover via carbon brush reverser. As a result, almost identical torque in both directions of rotation
  • Depth limit gauge: for precision drilling
  • Accelerator switch with lock-on function

Matching accessories

  • 25 Versions
    SDS 2-plus drill
  • MEI-FA 20x250 SDS-plus
    SDS-plus flat chisel
  • MEI-SI 250 SDS-plus
    SDS-plus sharp chisel
  • MEI-ST 40x250 SDS-plus
    SDS-plus broad-flat chisel
  • MEI-FL 40x250 SDS-plus
    SDS-plus tile chisel
  • MEI/HD SET SDS-plus
    Chisel/drill set SDS-plus
  • HD 2-C D5-10 Set SDS-plus
    Hammer drill bit set SDS-plus
  • HD 4-C D8x310 SDS-plus VE5
    Hammer drill bit set SDS-plus
  • Adapter SDS-plus, 1/2
    SDS-plus adapter
  • SDS-plus M14 adapter
    SDS-plus M14 adapter
  • SAD BS D32
    Drill dust adapter
  • SAD BS D32 D67
    Drill dust adapter
  • TKE-RS 136
    Grid foam insert L-BOXX®
    Trolley L-BOXX®
  • TK-L 136
    Carrying case L-BOXX®

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