FLEX launches a new drill dust adapter onto the market

No more construction dust

Steinheim, August 2021 – Whether it's tiles, stoneware, concrete, stone or masonry: Where drilling goes on, there's action. Or more accurately: Dust is produced. This can pose a serious health hazard if it enters the lungs. That applies particularly to fine mineral dust. To effectively suck up drilling dust, FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH has added an innovative drill dust adapter to its range. 
Drilling dust adapter from FLEX

The SAD BS D32 D67 is suitable for drill diameters of up to 67 millimetres. With this practical tool, FLEX is specifically catering to users from the fields of new construction, renovation, interior finishing, painting, drywall construction, tiling, electrical installation, metal plant construction, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, as well as assembly and installation.

An ingenious system

In order to be able to extract construction dust effectively and completely, FLEX has given its new construction dust adapter some ingenious features. The passage to the vacuum chamber for example is dimensioned so that the air captures the drilling dust quickly and with precise volume and transports it to the vacuum cleaner. 

To ensure that all the dust is extracted even with smaller drill diameters, the brush segment also closes the opening automatically so that no construction dust can escape to the outside. Conversely, with drills of a larger diameter, the user can easily remove the brush segment so that it is not damaged.

Safe extraction thanks to a click connection

The FLEX click connection provides additional safety. This prevents the extraction hose from accidentally becoming detached while working. The adapter can also be used with suction hoses that don't have a click connection, but this does not guarantee a firm connection.

Safe extraction on uneven surfaces too

Craftsmen can work perfectly with the adapter on uneven surfaces too. Thanks to an air chamber, it sucks itself firmly into place and the rubber seal compensates for unevenness so that no dust can escape even there. A large vacuum chamber means that the drilling dust adapter can also compensate for fluctuations in the vacuum. It should be noted here that cleaning of the suction cup should be switched off for a secure attachment. "Where mineral dusts are present, a suction cup of at least Class M should also always be used in order to protect health and to ensure that work is carried out in accordance with the regulations," adds Oliver Gnann-Geiger, Marketing Manager at FLEX.

The new construction dust adapter SAD BS D32 D67 will be available from specialist dealers from September.

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