FLEX presents a new generation of palm sanders

Innovation and working comfort from a single source

Steinheim, August 2021 – FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge has developed three new, innovative palm sanders in the shape of the ORE 2-125 EC, the ODE 2-100 EC and the OSE 2-80 EC. This new generation of "Multi-Sanders" will replace the current random-orbit and palm sanders. These appliances are characterised above all by their compact design. With these new developments, FLEX is catering to painters, varnishers, drywallers, cabinet makers as well as craftsmen from the automotive and metal sectors and various other industries.
Compact Delta Sander with Speed Control from FLEX

All three single-hand sanders have very durable brushless motors. In contrast to brush motors, these increase the performance and service life of the appliances, and they are significantly more compact in comparison. This gives the appliances a particularly ergonomic shape and makes them comfortable to hold. With a length of 156 millimetres, a width of 30 millimetres and a height of 121 millimetres, they can always be guided safely and with little fatigue.

Great working comfort thanks to low vibration levels

The soft-touch signal switch with its lock-off function and quick stop also contribute to comfort and safety. Another advantage in terms of working comfort is the low vibration levels of just 3.5 m/s². For comparison: The Noise and Vibration Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance states that operators can work unrestricted for up to eight hours at a vibration level of up to 5 m/s². A secure grip is provided by the padded soft-grip, which also cushions vibrations.

The inclined carrier pad and the bevelled pad geometry also ensure good ergonomics. The electronics also enable a soft start when contact is made with the material, as well as a constant speed even at higher pressure. The restart protection protects the appliance and operator from an uncontrolled restart, for example after a power failure. In addition, all three appliances are equipped with a long-life disc brake.

Integrated dust extraction

One particularly innovative feature of all three appliances is the integrated dust extraction system with a dust box, which collects dust effectively. If external dust extraction is required during work, the appliances can be connected via a suction connection (diameter: 27 millimetres) to all FLEX safety vacuum cleaners with a corresponding suction adapter after the dust box has been removed. The dust-proof rubber coating also prevents dust from entering the machine and shortening its service life.

A broad range of uses thanks to variable speed

Depending on the material and type of work, the speed of the sanders can be adjusted in four stages between 8,000 and 12,000 revolutions per minute. This opens up a broad range of possible uses. Depending on the application, the tools also come with hook & loop backing pads of various shapes. All three versions have 2 millimetres of stroke. The single-hand sanders can be used with all FLEX abrasives as well as the most common abrasives from other manufacturers.

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