New compact cordless circular saw

Powerful and ergonomical

Steinheim, January 2022 – With the CS 45 18.0-EC, FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH is expanding its range of hand-held saws with an innovative cordless circular saw that has a pendulum cover. One very impressive feature of this machine is its compact, lightweight design, and it is useful in many professional trades - from painting and plastering to drywalling, concrete construction and bricklaying, to carpentry, roofing and for professionals in the timber construction industry.
Compact cordless circular saw from FLEX

What we call its inline design makes this saw optimally balanced for freehand operation. The handle and saw blade are in one line. This allows the unit to be guided precisely on the outline, and straight cuts can be made without an additional rail system. Because the saw blade is fitted on the left side, the operator always has a clear view of the cut.

Optimised premium saw blade

The CS 45 18.0-EC also has a multi-cut saw blade with a diameter of 128 millimetres. This is optimised for sawing work on wood, such as formwork panels, shuttering boards and roof battens. The saw blade cuts metal staples or nails effortlessly without being damaged. It also allows for extra-thin cuts and, thanks to the perfectly aligned base body, an exact straight run. Oliver Gnann-Geiger, Head of Marketing at FLEX, goes on to explain that "the premium saw blade, which is specially designed for cordless circular saws, also protects both the battery and the motor thanks to its specific properties." The parallel stop allows clean parallel cuts.

Powerful EC motor and fatigue-free working

For the drive, FLEX relies on a brushless EC motor for its new cordless circular saw. This ensures significantly better performance and a longer service life compared with machines that have a brush motor. Weighing just 3.2 kilogrammes including the battery, the saw is extremely light. Coupled with its compact design, this enables the operator to work fatigue-free for a long period. The ergonomical handle helps with this. The saw allows a maximum cutting depth of 46.5 millimetres, with an idling speed of 5,400 revolutions per minute.

Safety for both operator and motor

FLEX also considered the safety or both the operator and the machine in the design phase of the CS 45 18.0-EC. The temperature monitoring protects the motor against overheating. The restart protection prevents an uncontrolled restart, for example after a battery change. Thanks to the overload protection, the machine switches itself off automatically to protect the motor in the event of excessive pressure or an overload. In addition, the constant electronics keep the operating speed within the desired range even when there is increased pressure. The circuit breaker makes it even safer. To protect the operator and the motor from dust and chips, the rotating chip ejector has a connection for an external vacuum cleaner with an adapter or three-stage socket.

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