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Car restoration

When looking after and preparing vehicles, car restorers often have to work in places that are difficult to access. This frequently makes their work tiring and strenuous. FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH has brought a unique innovation onto the market in the shape of its new flexible shaft for the PXE 80 10.8-EC cordless polisher. The system enables users to work effortlessly in all areas of vehicles.
Flexible shaft for PXE 80 from FLEX

Even the connection of the flexible shaft to the unit is very convenient. An innovative quick-change mechanism allows fast and effortless mounting on the cordless polisher. The practical bit holder attachment also allows users to easily switch between different polishing heads. This enables a wide range of applications and always uniform and clean polishing results.  The positive lock of the hexagonal mounting also prevents the polishing heads from slipping. The rubberised bit holder provides maximum protection for the surfaces being worked on.

Great working comfort and a long service life

The 140 cm shaft length provides additional scope and comfort. This allows the shaft to be guided comfortably and conveniently without the polisher tipping or the user having to hold it in their hand all the time. High-quality materials also guarantee an extremely long service life. The extremely slim handle area, the ideal handle position for guiding even the finest work and the light weight of just 0.5 kilograms also contribute to the working comfort. These features always allow guided control of the unit. Door handle recesses and radiator grips can be worked on just as easily as exterior mirror housings, vehicle emblems, logos, lettering, wheel rims and varnished interior surfaces. The right speed is set easily via the PXE. 

Flexible accessories

The restorer also has the choice of accessories. For example, FLEX offers polishing cones and cylinders in different degrees of hardness for its flexible shaft. The accessories are changed without tools via a bit holder receptacle and can thus be easily and quickly adapted to the respective applications. "While the cylinders are suitable for mouldings or spot repairs, for example the cones offer ideal properties for working on door handle recesses, radiator grilles, wheel rims and also interiors," explains Oliver Gnann-Geiger, Head of Marketing at FLEX.

Individual or in a set? The choice is the customer's!

The flexible shaft is available individually in a box from specialist dealers. The set with different polishing cones and cylinders comes in a practical L-box with a tray.

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