FLEX presents the new cordless floodlight hand lamp

Full (light) speed ahead

Steinheim, August 2021 – Optimum lighting conditions are essential for safe, clean and comfortable working. Unfortunately, the natural conditions in the working environment do not always meet the necessary requirements. That's why FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH offers an extensive range of battery-powered LED lights. The cordless floodlight hand lamp WL 2800 18.0 is a new addition to the range. The appliance impresses with its powerful luminosity and many other practical features.
Battery Floodlight Handlamp from FLEX

Whether for inspections, maintenance work or other activities - craftsmen don't always enjoy optimum lighting conditions on the construction site. With seven powerful, efficient LEDs, the WL 2800 18.0 delivers high luminosity and a pleasant light colour. This allows optimum working even under adverse conditions. The light intensity can be adjusted across two levels as necessary. At full power, the lamp delivers a whopping 2,800 lumens and has a range of 630 metres. The reduced output of 1,000 lumens is a good choice when working in smaller rooms or buildings. The red LED in the centre of the lamp is another special feature. This allows working without scattered light and glare, and can be activated very easily just by pressing the on switch for three seconds. For very comfortable working in any situation, the user can choose between the three light modes floodlight, normal luminosity and red light.

Handy and flexible on the construction site

Its light weight of just one kilogram plus several useful features make the cordless floodlight hand lamp a practical and reliable companion. The sturdy, free swivel-action handle allows the light to be fixed and positioned very flexibly on either a screw, a nail or scaffolding The 200 degree swivel-action head allows the light cone to be precisely directed onto the working area. The handle also makes an ideal carrying handle. A 1/4" threaded mount in the rear handle area ensures secure and flexible attachment on a tripod thread. Different tripods or magnetic holders can be used for positioning. Additional comfort and a secure grip are provided by the rubberised soft-grip area. A belt clip is also included for easy handling.

Powerful battery performance

The powerful 18-volt rechargeable batteries ensure full luminosity for hours. Thanks to the interchangeable battery system, users can work for up to eight hours at Level 1 (1,000 lumens) and for up to three hours at Level 2 (2,800 lumens) with a 5.0 Ah battery. Besides the batteries, the lamp can also be operated via a car's cigarette lighter. That's useful not just in the event of a breakdown but also for all work on and around the car.


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