New Cordless Connect System from FLEX

Intelligent connection

Steinheim, August 2021 – Whether it's in sanding, sawing, drilling or other handicraft activities - one thing simply cannot be avoided: Construction dust. Not only is this a nuisance that can make it difficult to see workpieces and the work area, or enter equipment and cause considerable damage there in the long term, it can also result in serious health issues for the user. A reliable dust extraction system is therefore essential, and not only because of the relevant legal regulations. With the Cordless Connect System VCE CConnect from FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH, cordless tools can now be connected smartly to all safety vacuum cleaners and controlled simultaneously.
Cordless Connect System from FLEX

Until now, parallel control of the appliance and vacuum cleaner was only possible with corded machines. An ingenious combination of a universal radio socket, vibration sensor and "click" connection now makes this possible for cordless tools as well. 

Easy handling

Operation is extremely simple: After connecting the cordless tool and extraction units to each other, the user fixes the vibration sensor to the suction hose or directly to the tool using the supplied raster tape. He then connects the plug of the extraction unit to the radio socket and switches the suction unit to Manual. When the user switches on the cordless device, its vibrations are transmitted via the sensor to the radio socket and the vacuum cleaner starts operating in parallel. In addition, the vacuum cleaner can also be switched on by simply pressing a button on the sensor. 

Optimum protection for operator and machine

This is how the dust is safely and completely extracted from the first to the last second. This provides optimum protection for both the user and the machine. The system is compatible with all corded extraction units in conjunction with all cordless units on the market.

At a price of 99 Euros, the Cordless Connect System VCE CConnect is available from specialist dealers in the FLEX box set that includes a radio socket, a sensor, a tape 23.5 cm in length and a tape 3.5 cm in length.

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