New battery-operated heated jackets from FLEX

Stay lovely and warm even in frosty temperatures

Steinheim, August 2021 – Whether it's painters, drywallers or plasterers - anyone who works outdoors as a tradesman knows how it goes: Work calls even at frosty low temperatures. You need warm clothing so that you won't freeze on the construction site in winter. With the new battery-operated heating jackets White 10.8/18.0, FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH provides the necessary warmth even when temperatures drop below freezing.
Battery Heating Jacket from FLEX

These new battery-operated heated jackets are very comfortable to wear. The temperature can be adjusted across four levels to suit you and can also be individually regulated and distributed via three heating zones. These soft-shell jackets are also ideal for leisure activities such as skiing.

Easy-care and hard-wearing

FLEX heated jackets come in two types. A softshell type TJ 10.8/18.0 is characterised by its light weight of 210 grammes per square metre. In size EU Regular Fit, it is available for both men and women. The jacket is made of 100 percent polyester on the inside and outside and is wind-repellent, water-repellent and breathable - all of which makes it extremely hard-wearing. An inner jacket made from soft fleece ensures a comfortable feel and warmth. In addition, the TJ 10.8/18.0 is very easy to care for and can be easily cleaned on a 30-degree washing machine cycle. The anti-pilling effect also prevents annoying fluff and knots. 

The fleece type, FJ White 10.8/18.0, weighs slightly more at 280 grammes per square metre. Here too, the outer jacket and inner lining are made of polyester. Like the TJ 10.8/18.0, this type also has an inner jacket made of cosy fleece, is breathable, easy to care for, machine-washable at 30 degrees and fits both men and women in the Regular Fit.

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