Cordless Trinoxflex with fillet weld sanding attachment in use

Cordless TRINOXFLEX – finishes off metal surfaces.

Our tools are resilient but not a burden at work. We're constantly working to make life easier for you and your colleagues. That's why we'd like to introduce you to a member of our TRINOXFLEX family. It's up to any challenge, and offers you maximum freedom of movement. The cordless and brushless 18V motor can be combined with four different system connections and - thanks to the ergonomic handle - every task is easy to handle. The cordless TRINOXFLEX supports you in achieving optimum results on a variety of materials such as when burnishing, texturing, polishing, brushing, smoothing, derusting and deburring on steel and stainless steel surfaces.


The TRINOXFLEX from FLEX is a unique and comprehensive system tool for working on metal surfaces. Four clever attachments enable a wide range of metalworking applications. Whether it's for burnishing, pipe belt sanding, fillet weld sanding or belt sanding, the TRINOXFLEX is your perfect companion when working on metal surfaces. The quick-change system allows you to easily switch between the different attachments without using any tools. That lets you work very effectively, quickly and economically. And 18 volts of battery power make the machine unbeatably flexible - perfect for portable use on the construction site.

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FLEX cordless TrinoxFLEX BME 18.0 for metalworking
TrinoxFLEX 18V battery power

Maximum battery power

  • FLEX 18V battery system: Operation with all FLEX 18.0V battery packs.

  • LED battery capacity indicator

TrinoxFLEX Constant Drive Control

Effective working

  • Constant Drive Control for effective and quick working even under load

  • The right speed for every job thanks to variable speed control

TrinoxFLEX spindle lock

Maximum flexibility

  • Spindle lock helps to engage the tool attachment

  • Quick-change coupling for fast and tool-free changing of the four system attachments

Only for the tough

One machine, 4 applications

  • Cordless Trinoxflex with fillet weld sanding attachment in use

    Burnishing for the perfect finish

    Ideal for sanding, burnishing, brushing and high-gloss polishing of metal surfaces
    • Triple winding protection to prevent metal dust entering the tool

    • Very rugged with a long service life

  • Cordless Trinoxflex with pipe belt sanding attachment in use

    Non-stop pipe belt sanding

    For rough sanding, burnishing and polishing to the highest gloss on metal surfaces
    • Ideal for stainless steel, steel and other metals

    • Wrap angle up to 270 degrees

  • Cordless Trinoxflex with belt file sanding attachment in use

    Belt filing made easy

    For sanding, burnishing and deburring metal surfaces
    • Swivel-action sanding attachment for working in tight spots

    • The 9 mm sanding arm makes it ideal for narrow weld seams

  • Cordless Trinoxflex with fillet weld sanding attachment in use

    Fillet weld sanding shine

    For polishing, sanding and fine working on metal surfaces
    • For sanding work in particularly acute angles, corners and hard-to-reach places

    • Flexible use thanks to toolless attachment swivelling

Right for any job

Choose the right attachment, fit it quickly and without tools.

Products in the FLEX TRINOX system

Three powerful motors and many clever attachments cover a wide range of metalworking applications.

  • 2 Versions
    BME 18.0-EC C
    Cordless basic motor TRINOXFLEX 18,0 V
  • BSE 50 18-EC C-Set
    Cordless burnisher TRINOXFLEX 18 V
  • LKE 152 18-EC C-Set
    Cordless fillet weld sander TRINOXFLEX 18 V
  • BRE 50 18-EC C-Set
    Cordless pipe belt sander TRINOXFLEX 18 V
  • FBE 30 18-EC C-Set
    Cordless belt file TRINOXFLEX 18 V

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