FLEX battery multitool

One machine, countless uses.

FLEX cordless Multitool

Multitool with ultimate power: A wide oscillation angle and the highest number of revolutions, not to mention a brushless motor - that's what makes the FLEX Multitool the best in its class. The Multitool also incorporates toolless saw blade changing: Compatible with all Starlock accessories thanks to the StarlockMAX holder. The Multitool offers tradespersons countless options in construction, renovation, carpentry and joinery, as well as for interior finishing and painter-drywall construction. Tilers, electricians, locksmiths, metalworkers, car workshops and professionals in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning trades are also well served by the cordless oscillating Multitool.

Cordless Multitool MT 18.0-EC

Sanding various surfaces, removing tile adhesive residue, removing tile grout, scraping off silicone grout, paint or carpet adhesive, cutting a variety of materials or sawing wood, metal, plastic or plasterboard - you only need one power tool to perform all these tasks: The FLEX cordless Multitool with 18 V battery power and a StarlockMAX holder for changing jobs quickly and easily. Fast and effective cutting, sanding and scraping: The 2 x 2° oscillation angle lets you achieve perfect results quickly on any construction site or in the workshop.

Battery-powered multitool oscillator MT 18.0-EC with StarlockMAX mount; 2.5 AH Li-Ion battery
Pictogram 10,000-20,000 rpm FLEX Multitool

Fast working

  • Stepless motor speed adjustment between 10,000 and 20,000 revolutions per minute

  • Powerful, brushless motor for fast working

Pictogram vibration protection FLEX

Vibration protection

  • Low vibration thanks to a patented, decoupled handle section

  • Protects the user and aids sustained working

Pictogram Tool-free blade change

Toolless blade change

  • Starlock MAX tool holder, compatible with the Starlock and Starlock Plus clamping mechanism

  • Tool change in under 3 seconds thanks to an intuitive quick clamping system

Countless possible uses with the FLEX cordless Multitool

Perform countless jobs with just one machine - application diversity for work in a wide range of trades.

  • Remove tile adhesive with FLEX cordless multitool

    Quick & effective removal of tile adhesive residues

    Ideal for removing tile adhesive residues from the tightest corners

  • Remove parquet adhesive with FLEX battery-powered multitool

    Effortlessly clean surfaces

    Ideal for scraping off silicone joints, paint and carpet glue

  • Sawing wood with FLEX battery-powered multitool MT 18.0-EC

    Clean, perfect cuts

    Ideal for sawing wood, metal, plastics and plasterboard panels

  • Remove tile grout with FLEX battery-powered multitool MT 18.0-EC

    Easily replace tiles and remove grout

    Effortlessly remove tile grout and cut tiles to size

  • Sanding wood with FLEX battery-powered multitool MT 18.0-EC

    Surface preparation right into the corners

    Ideal for sanding profiles, corners and tight spots

  • Plunge cut in wood with FLEX battery-powered multitool 18.0-EC

    Perfect plunge cuts

    For cutting, cutting out and plunge cuts

Depth and rip fence DS MT 18.0 for FLEX battery-powered multitool oscillator MT 18.0-EC

Depth stop and rip fence for the FLEX cordless oscillator

Precise work with the depth stop and rip fence for the FLEX oscillator. With the optional accessories for this multifunctional tool, you can easily and precisely set the desired cutting depth and achieve perfect, even, deep cuts. Use your Multitool and the depth and rip fence in seconds to effortlessly make long, straight cuts in materials such as wood, metal, plastics, GRP and non-ferrous metals.

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