FLEX 18V DD4G cordless drill driver drilling in metal

Faster, more powerful & safer – the 4-speed cordless drill driver

Ready for any job. The FLEX 4-speed cordless drill driver helps you to work on wood and metal. The cordless and brushless motor of the 18V cordless drill driver ensures greater efficiency and a longer service life, as well as for long-lasting enjoyment when working on the construction site. Whether you're drilling or screwing in either wood or metal, the DD 4G cordless drill driver is a valuable aid to your metalworking, container building, carpentry or joinery work.

Cordless drill driver DD 4G 18.0-EC

Mega power combined with maximum user protection - that's what the FLEX 4-speed cordless drill driver gives you. The powerful FLEX screwdriver impresses users by having both the highest torque and the highest speed in its class. The highest degree of user protection allows work to be done safely at maximum power. The cordless drill driver has an extendable handle to safely absorb the torque produced. In addition, the anti-kickback function minimises the risk of you sustaining a twisted wrist if the drill driver gets stuck. For working safely with the cordless drill driver on construction sites, in the workshop or at home.

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FLEX 18V DD4G cordless drill driver for drilling in metal and wood
Piktogramm 18V Batterie FLEX

Maximum battery power

  • FLEX 18V battery system: Operation with all FLEX 18.0V battery packs

  • LED battery capacity indicator

Piktogramm 4-Gang Getriebe FLEX

Maximum versatility

  • 4-speed gearbox of up to 4200 rpm for maximum drilling and screwdriving efficiency

  • 64 to 134 Nm torque

Piktogramm Schnellwechselsystem FLEX

Quick-clamp chuck

  • Simple drill chuck removal without using tools

  • Metal quick-clamp chuck with thrust ring and auto-lock function

The right speed for any job

  • Screwing in wood screws with a cordless drill driver in the workshop

    1st speed

    • Extreme power 135 Nm

    • Even large wood screws aren't a challenge

  • Auger on 4-speed cordless drill driver in the workshop

    2nd speed

    • High torque with the optimum rotation speed

    • Ideal for use with the auger

  • Metal drilling in the workshop with a FLEX DD4G

    3rd speed

    • High speed combined with optimum power

    • Ideal for use with self-tapping metal screws or for drilling in metal

  • Small metal drilling in the workshop with a FLEX cordless drill driver

    4th speed

    • Extremely high rotation speed of 4200 rpm

    • Ideal for use when small drilling diameters are involved

The right accessories

Quick & easy changing

Other FLEX cordless drill drivers

  • 2 Versions
    DD 2G 18.0-EC C
    2-speed cordless drill driver 18,0 V
  • DD 2G 10.8-EC
    2-speed cordless drill driver 10,8 V
  • DD 2G 18.0-EC LD C
    Compact 2-speed cordless drill driver 18.0 V
  • 2 Versions
    DD 2G 18.0-EC HD C
    2-speed cordless drill driver 18 V with turbo mode

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