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FLEX cordless vacuum lifter

The safe and easy way to move heavy slabs, stone tiles or cabinets! The FLEX cordless vacuum lifter lets you effortlessly grip, lift and move stones, wood, glass, metals, plastics, ceramics, rough concrete, drywalls, slate, furniture, electrical appliances and much more. The digital display shows the maximum weight at all times and the automatic re-suction function ensures maximum safety.

The vacuum lifter sticks reliably even to dusty or rough surfaces, and switches off automatically when the maximum vacuum is reached to prevent overloading. The FLEX cordless vacuum lifter is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to move heavy loads safely and efficiently. Lift and transport almost any material effortlessly with the FLEX cordless vacuum lifter!

Cordless vacuum lifter VLP 18 Grabo

The VLP 18 is a real game changer in terms of work efficiency and safety! No more unreliable and often dangerous manual suction cups. With the VLP 18, you no longer have to worry about loss of suction power, because if the vacuum pressure drops, the pump switches on automatically until the maximum vacuum pressure is restored. This lets you work continuously and reliably, without interruptions caused by suction power problems.

With a maximum holding force of 170 kg* at full suction power in the vertical position, the VLP 18 enables heavy loads to be lifted and moved effortlessly. Whether you need to lift heavy loads or transport sensitive materials, the VLP 18 makes it easy for you. Say goodbye to the old, tedious methods and make your work easier. The VLP 18 – the solution for safe and effortless working!

FLEX cordless vacuum lifter VLP 18 Grabo

The simple, fast and ergonomic way to lift, move and lay a wide range of materials

Lifting the glass pane with the cordless FLEX vacuum lifter VLP 18 Grabo

Drywall panels

Maximum vertical holding force**: 75 kg
Parallel holding force**: 65 kg

The FLEX Grabo makes interior construction and renovation work much easier by enabling drywall panels for walls, ceilings and partition walls to be lifted and positioned with precision. The FLEX Grabo also makes it easier to lift and install drywall panels for ceiling panelling in various areas of use. The battery-powered vacuum lifter simply sticks to the surface of the plasterboard and creates a constant vacuum, ensuring that the drywall panel is kept perfectly in position without having to laboriously hold it in two different places. The Grabo always gives you a firm grip on the drywall, and you can move it around the construction site easily and safely!

Lift glass pane with FLEX battery-powered vacuum lifter


Maximum vertical holding force**: 170 kg
Parallel holding force**: 120 kg

  • Window installation: Whether in new buildings or renovations, the VLP 18 enables glass windows to be lifted and positioned with precision.

  • Door installation: Glass doors can be lifted and positioned effortlessly.

  • Mirror installation: Installing mirrors in bathrooms, bedrooms or shops is a safe and easy job with the VLP 18.

The VLP 18 also has a wide range of applications in the manufacture of glass furniture, in façade construction, in exhibition construction and shopfitting, as well as in swimming pool and whirlpool construction.

Lifting stone slabs with FLEX cordless vacuum lifter VLP 18 Grabo

Ceramics, stone, concrete and slate

Maximum vertical holding force**: Ceramic 170 kg, concrete 80 kg, slate 80 kg
Parallel holding force**: Ceramic 120 kg, concrete 80 kg, slate 80 kg

  • Tiling: Whether you’re laying ceramic or tiled floors, the vacuum lifter enables the tiles to be lifted and positioned with precision, making the job of tile laying faster and more accurate.

  • Gardening and landscaping: In gardening and landscaping, garden slabs and paving stones can be placed with accuracy down to the millimetre, to simplify the design of gardens and outdoor areas.

  • Construction projects: Ceramic panels can be securely and efficiently attached to walls or façades with the VLP 18. This makes construction projects easier and quicker to carry out.


Maximum vertical holding force**: 110 kg
Parallel holding force**: 120 kg

  • Metal construction: In metal construction, the VLP 18 can safely lift and position metal plates, beams and profiles to make assembly much easier.

  • Metalworking: The vacuum lifter makes it easier to handle large metal sheets in specialist metalworking shops.

  • Shipbuilding: In shipbuilding, the VLP 18 can help to safely transport and assemble heavy metal plates for the ship's hull.


Maximum vertical holding force**: 100 kg
Parallel holding force**: 100 kg

  • Working with plastics: The VLP 18 makes it easier to handle large plastic sheets in workshops where plastics are worked with.

  • Exhibition stand construction: Lightweight plastic elements are often used in the design of exhibition stands, and these can be positioned safely and precisely with the VLP 18.

  • Construction of plastic structures: Whether you’re constructing plastic tanks or plastic chutes and ducts, the VLP 18 enables you to position plastic components safely.


Maximum vertical holding force**: 100 kg
Parallel holding force**: 65 kg

  • Joinery: The VLP 18 makes it easier to lift wooden boards, panels and beams, making it simpler to work with and assemble furniture and wooden structures.

  • Construction projects: Wooden frames, beams and panels can be positioned safely and precisely during the course of construction projects, making building work more efficient.

  • Carpentry: In carpentry, the VLP 18 enables wood components for roof structures and stairs to be lifted and assembled both ergonomically and safely, thereby improving work processes and increasing safety.

The right tool for almost every surface!

Various seals for different materials and surfaces

* The officially permitted load capacity of 130 kg includes a safety factor of 2. Regardless of the maximum holding force of 170 kg shown on the display, the tool must not be used to lift loads heavier than 130 kg.

** Maximum holding force (estimated) and tested on many different materials.

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