FLEXPACK promotion: 3 FLEX cordless machines with charger and batteries in bag

Your entry into the battery world of FLEX

FLEXPACK Promotion

FLEXPACK – the ultimate battery promotion

Your entry into the FLEX battery world

Select your 3 new 18 volt units from the wide FLEX cordless range* and make savings not just on the tools: Each FLEX PACK includes three battery packs, a charger and a bag for free.

The choice is yours!

FLEXPACK individually put together from three battery-powered 18V machines

3 cordless tools + 3 battery packs + charger + bag = £ 849*

18V tools in the FLEXPACK

Here you can select 3 battery tools:

  • LBE 125 18.0-EC C

    Cordless angle grinder with variable speed and brake 18.0 V, 125 mm

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  • WL 300 18.0

    LED cordless hand torch 18.0 V

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  • VC 6 L MC 18.0

    Compact vacuum cleaner with manual filter cleaning, 6 l, class L

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  • RS 29 18.0 C

    Cordless reciprocating saw with pendulum stroke 18.0 V

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  • IW 3/4 18.0-EC C

    Cordless impact wrench 18,0 V

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  • BME 18.0-EC C

    Cordless basic motor TRINOXFLEX 18,0 V

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  • TJ White 10.8/18.0 M Men

    Battery-powered heating jacket, soft-shell

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  • CS 62 18.0-EC C

    Cordless circular saw with pendulum hood 18,0 V

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  • RSP DW 18.0-EC C

    Cordless reciprocating saw with pendulum stroke 18.0 V

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  • BW 18.0-EC

    Cordless blower/leaf blower 18.0 V

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Your 3 chosen products

Battery set and bag FLEXPACK

£ 849 ,-

plus VAT

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* Only valid for the displayed 18 Volt products. Promotions are valid until 31/07/2022.

Only at participating specialist retailers.

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