Sandpaper, wall/ceiling Xtreme

The universal sandpaper for fast and economical work is suitable for sanding fully-filled surfaces and removing filler burrs on uneven areas of drywall and plasterboard panels. This sandpaper delivers a solid surface quality and a smooth and even finish. With extraction holes

Overview of versions
Order numberDiameterGritPackaging unit
531542225 mmP 2412 Cont.
531900225 mmP 4012 Cont.
531901225 mmP 6012 Cont.
531902225 mmP 8012 Cont.
531896225 mmP 10012 Cont.
531897225 mmP 12012 Cont.
531898225 mmP 15012 Cont.
531543225 mmP 18012 Cont.
531899225 mmP 22012 Cont.

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