Dia-Jet hook-and-loop diamond discs wet (single)

For grinding and polishing: Suitable for artificial stone, natural stone, stoneware and ceramics. The grinding output of the diamond discs is higher than that of traditional abrasives, they have a very long service live and high mechanical resilience.

Overview of versions
Versions suitable for
Order numberGritUsePackaging unitDiamond sanding pad diameter
253815K 50Wet1 Cont.100 mm
253816K 100Wet1 Cont.100 mm
253817K 200Wet1 Cont.100 mm
253818K 400Wet1 Cont.100 mm
253819K 800Wet1 Cont.100 mm
253820K 1500Wet1 Cont.100 mm
253821K 3000Wet1 Cont.100 mm
253822K 10000Wet1 Cont.100 mm

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