SDS 4-max drill

The drill tipped 4-cut head design ensures centric guidance in the drill hole. Two additional secondary cutters protect the drill from impacting on any steel reinforcement. Moreover, the special spiral design reduces vibrations. Highly suitable for drilling in reinforced concrete.

Overview of versions
Order numberLengthDrilling diameterWorking lengthNumber of cutting edges
368261340 mm16 mm340 mm4 Cont.
368288340 mm18 mm340 mm4 Cont.
368318320 mm22 mm320 mm4 Cont.
368326320 mm25 mm320 mm4 Cont.
368342370 mm30 mm370 mm4 Cont.
368350370 mm32 mm370 mm4 Cont.
368369370 mm35 mm370 mm4 Cont.
368377540 mm16 mm540 mm4 Cont.
368385540 mm18 mm540 mm4 Cont.
368393520 mm20 mm520 mm4 Cont.
368407520 mm22 mm520 mm4 Cont.
368423520 mm25 mm520 mm4 Cont.
368431570 mm28 mm570 mm4 Cont.
368466570 mm32 mm570 mm4 Cont.
368474570 mm35 mm570 mm4 Cont.

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