SDS 2-plus drill

Drill with 2 solid carbide alloy cutters, reinforcement chamfer and centering point for easy, precision-point working. Asymmetrical, high-capacity double conveyor spirals for quick transfer of the drill dust. Core reinforcement for maximum energy transfer from hammer drill to drill tip. Vibration-damping and also conveys more energy to the cutting bit. Ideal for drilling in concrete, masonry and natural stone.

Overview of versions
Versions suitable for
Order numberLengthDrilling diameterWorking lengthNumber of cutting edges
367931110 mm4 mm110 mm2 Cont.
367958110 mm5 mm110 mm2 Cont.
367966110 mm6 mm110 mm2 Cont.
367974160 mm5 mm160 mm2 Cont.
367982160 mm6 mm160 mm2 Cont.
367990160 mm8 mm160 mm2 Cont.
368008160 mm10 mm160 mm2 Cont.
368016160 mm12 mm160 mm2 Cont.
368024210 mm6 mm210 mm2 Cont.
368032210 mm8 mm210 mm2 Cont.
368040210 mm10 mm210 mm2 Cont.
368059210 mm12 mm210 mm2 Cont.
368067210 mm14 mm210 mm2 Cont.
368075210 mm16 mm210 mm2 Cont.
368083260 mm8 mm260 mm2 Cont.
368091260 mm10 mm260 mm2 Cont.
368105260 mm12 mm260 mm2 Cont.
368113260 mm14 mm260 mm2 Cont.
368121310 mm16 mm310 mm2 Cont.
368148200 mm18 mm200 mm2 Cont.
368156200 mm20 mm200 mm2 Cont.
368164450 mm18 mm450 mm2 Cont.
368172450 mm20 mm450 mm2 Cont.
368180450 mm22 mm450 mm2 Cont.
368199450 mm25 mm450 mm2 Cont.

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