Diamond sanding pad

For use with hook-and-loop sanding disc 115 Ø. Sanding pads for dry grinding, a great advantage in the repair and renovation areas. Suitable for sanding and polishing granite worktops, fine stoneware tiles, floor tiles, concrete surfaces in the field of vision, natural stone on windowsills, cover panels, sculptures, steps.

Overview of versions
Order numberGritUsePackaging unitDiamond sanding pad diameter
38619750Dry1 Cont.115 mm
386200100Dry1 Cont.115 mm
386219200Dry1 Cont.115 mm
386227400Dry1 Cont.115 mm
386235800Dry1 Cont.115 mm
3862431500Dry1 Cont.115 mm
3862513000Dry1 Cont.115 mm

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