Sanding fleece

Flexible fleece roller made of sanding grit-impregnated nylon web with a keyway. Achieves effective surface finishes on stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, etc. Also ideal for cleaning oxidized coatings and smoothing plastic and wood.

Overview of versions
Versions suitable for
Order numberDiameterWidthGritPackaging unit
250509100 mm50 mmA 801 Cont.
250510100 mm50 mmA 1601 Cont.
250512100 mm50 mmA 2801 Cont.
250513100 mm50 mmA 4001 Cont.
256973100 mm100 mmA 801 Cont.
256974100 mm100 mmA 1801 Cont.
256975100 mm100 mmA 2801 Cont.
256976100 mm100 mmA 4001 Cont.

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