NEW: 18V 4-speed cordless drill driver

One 4 all – the new 4-speed cordless drill driver DD 4 G 18.0-EC

The new 4-speed cordless drill driver

Faster, stronger & safer.

  • The highest torque and highest speed in its class

    The only screwdriver with more than 4,000 rpm!*

  • Highest user protection

    The only drill screwdriver with an extendable handle to safely absorb the arising torque.*

One 4 all - the right speed for every application

Speed 1

With the immense power of 135 Nm, even large wood screws don´t present a problem.

Speed 2

High torque with optimum rotational speed – ideal for use with the auger, for example.

Speed 3

High speed coupled with optimum force for self-cutting screws or drilling in metal.

Speed 4

Thanks to the extremly high rotational speed of 4200 rpm, small drilling diameters is just one of the applications for which the DD 4G is perfectly suited.

All advantages at a glance

1 Angle attachment when drilling and screwdriving in areas which are difficult to access

2 Bit holder for the admission of 1/4" bits

3 Metal quick-clamp with rotation stop, for holding shank tools

4 Drill depth adjustment

5 Extendible lateral handle

6 Accelerator trigger switch

7 Clockwise & anticlockwise rotation

8 Electronic quick-acting brake

9 Extremely ergonomic handle with SoftGrip

10 LED lamp with persistence function

11 Removable belt clip can be used on left & right

*Class of 18V 4-speed cordless screwdrivers