FLEX Automotive System

FLEX Automotive System

Polishing without compromise

FLEX polishers have always been the measure of all things for professional surface processing. No matter if yacht, plane, motorcycle or car, the FLEX polishing machines will bring every surface to shine.

Cordless or corded? With FLEX polishing machines there is no need to compromise, because we offer both. Corded polishers for working in the garage and battery-powered polishers for flexible use at any place. 

FLEX offers not only polishing machines; we also provide an optimal polishing system with pads and polish. Due to the perfect combination of the components, every user, from professional vehicle finisher to hobby user, can get the best result out of their polish.



The FLEX Automotive system offers the right product for every application. From the light for perfect surface illumination to cordless drill-drivers and compact vacuum cleaners, the FLEX system for the automotive sector leaves nothing to be desired. 

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The correct drive for perfect polishing results


Experience and task are decisive for the right technology. The FLEX polishing system covers the complete range of drive technologies for polishing machines, so the perfect polishing machine can be found for every operator.

As a matter of principle:
Rotary polishers belong exclusively in experienced hands because of their high removal rate and usually require subsequent finishing with a random orbital polisher.


  • Highest removal rate
  • Fastest way to remove scratches
  • Hologram formation possible
  • Experienced users

Random orbital, with positive-action drive

  • Good removal rate
  • No hologram formation
  • Wide range of applications
  • Ideal for removing scratches and for finishing

Random orbital, free running

  • Suitable for all types of user
  • Easy handling
  • No hologram formation
  • Low removal rate
  • Perfect for finishing

Battery or cable? It's your choice!


No matter if battery power with 18 V or cabel – there are no differences in performance. Thanks to the same behaviour of the battery and cable machine, the same polishing result can be achieved without any modification. Both systems offer random orbital and rotary drive types.

It's your choice!


XCE 8 125 18.0-EC


Perfect ergonomics with maximum freedom:

  • SoftGrip handle and grip cover
  • Accelerator switch
  • Speed potentiometer positioned for good visibility
  • Perfect balance and handling



XCE 10-8 125


The classic for various tasks:

  • SoftGrip handle and grip cover
  • Accelerator switch
  • Speed pot
  • Perfect balance and handling


Perfect for spot repair & rework – PXE 80

With the PXE, the EC smart polisher from FLEX, even small and hard-to-reach areas are no longer a problem.

From quick damage correction in the spot area, spot sanding and very fine polishing work to defect correction, hologram removal and finishing: the PXE 80 can be converted in just 10 seconds, without tools, without stress.

Tool-free changes

Simply change over manually in 10 seconds and switch application.

Spot sanding pad

The spot sanding pad can be used to quickly and cleanly remove incorrect and excess paintwork.


Thanks to its interchangeable drive, the PXE is ideal for highly abrasive polishing as well as removing holograms when finishing.

Multi Grip

Thanks to the extended grip surface, the PXE 80 can be securely held in any part of the hand. This allows you to work with ease, just as you want.

Safe within the system – FLEX accessories for perfect polishing results


From polishing machines to pads and polishes, FLEX offers the perfect combination for shiny surfaces.

Polishing pads

The choice of the polishing medium is the key to achieving the right finish. Different effects of foams or fiber products such as fur, wool and microfibers must be known in order to achieve the desired abrasive effects.

The new FLEX pads with color guide system provide clear orientation here.



Perfectly coordinated grinding, fine grinding and sealing polishes. The polishes are of course silicone-free and low-dust.


System accessories

Difficult to reach places like exterior mirrors, spoilers or bumpers? No problem with the FLEX extension set for rotary polishers.

Suitable for all rotary polishers of the FLEX system.



The perfect system for the automotive sector

LED cordless full-spectrum light

  • With the Detail Light DWL 2500 10.8/18.0 you won't miss scratches and irregularities anymore
  • Mobile working thanks to the FLEX battery system, with 10.8 V and 18 V battery power


LED Swirl Finder

  • LED light for easy control of surface conditions. Due to the colour temperature and reproduction, surface damage such as holograms, scratches etc. become better visible.
  • Light intensity 140 lumens and adjustable focus with a beam angle of 10° -70°


Cordless drill driver

  • The strong all-rounder 
  • With quick-change system, this allows easy, tool-free exchange of angle attachment, drill chuck and bit holder


Random-orbit sander with speed control

  • Material-compatible sanding speed by adjustable speed
  • Impact-resistant filter cartridge with exchangeable PES filter allows simple dust disposal or cleaning of the filter as well as maximum service life

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Mobile battery vacuum cleaner

  • Small, compact, mobile - with powerful 18 V battery power 
  • Perfect for professional cleaning of vehicles, workshops, storage rooms, final assembly, offices etc.


Compact vacuum cleaner

  • Small, compact, mega power - the small vacuum cleaner with cable
  • Very compact, handy and lightweight vacuum cleaner with carrying strap for mobile use. Fits in every vehicle due to its compact design


Cordless impact drill 18,0 V

  • Speed Command: three different speed settings for a variety of applications. Prevents, among others, over tightening of small screws
  • Integrated LED lamp with persistence function


Cordless impact drill 18,0 V

  • Tool holder square drive for 3/4" impact sockets
  • Powerful impact mechanism: maximum performance enables for example stuck or rusted screw connections to be loosened even in extreme applications


Cordless blower

  • 18 V battery power, perfect for drying varnished surfaces 
  • Ideal for hard-to-reach areas thanks to compact design


Battery radio

  • Battery construction site radio with mega sound and LED light stripes 
  • With integrated Bluetooth® technology, AUX input, USB port and charging option for smartphones, tablets


Cordless inflator

  • Pressure presetting with automatic switch-off when the desired pressure is reached
  • Perfect flexibility thanks to 18 V battery power and 12 V vehicle voltage via cigarette adapter. For filling car and bicycle tyres


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