Simply clean air.

Air cleaner for the massive reduction of pollutants in rooms

Simply clean air.


Air cleaner for the massive reduction of pollutants in rooms


Contaminants in the indoor air cause enormous problems – especially in offices, medical practices, restaurants etc. this can become a real problem. Moreover, in view of the current Covid 19 pandemic, it is all the more important to reduce infectious germs as far as possible.

The air cleaner from FLEX can help here: Viruses in aerosols, bacteria, dust and pollen can be combated. This not only ensures a healthier indoor climate, it also reduces the amount of viruses in the room air to a minimum.

Set up, switch on – clean air


The first two filter stages collect dust and larger particles (an additional activated carbon filter also filters unpleasant odours). The HEPA 14 stage then filters the smallest particles out of the air – this ensures a long service life of the filter system as well as optimum air cleaning.

The FLEX VAC 800-EC is simply installed in the room:

  1. The room air is sucked in at the front
  2. The air runs through the 3-stage filter system
  3. Viral aerosols, bacteria, pollen and dust have no chance: the filters catch them
  4. Clean, purified air is released into the room

Within 2 hours, a complete room of up to 36 square meters can be cleaned with only one machine.

The FLEX air purifier is designed for continuous operation and the quiet working noise of 58 dB makes it possible to work comfortably in the room.

Effective reduction of the risk of infection with SARS Covid-19


According to the current state of knowledge, bacteria and viruses such as SARS Covid-19 are mainly transmitted via the so-called droplet infection.

The pathogens spread by coughing, sneezing and speaking in the air; other people breathe them in and can thus become infected.


99.995% of viruses in the form of aerosols are combated


The HEPA 14 filters of the FLEX air purifier filter up to 99.995% of virus and bacteria particles between 0.2µm and 0.3µm from the room air. Thus the risk of infection with Covid-19 is effectively and significantly reduced.

Application fields

Highly frequented indoor areas in particular quickly become a pollutant catapult. Cleaning the room air, especially with regard to germs, is therefore essential.
The FLEX air purifier can be used for this in many ways:

  • Restaurants and canteens
  • Waiting rooms and medical centres
  • Offices, meeting rooms and public spaces
  • Retail shops
  • Kindergartens and schools
  • Construction sites
  • etc.

How many VACs are required?

What kind of room do you have?

How strong do you want to turn on the device?

Special offer incl. HEPA 14 filter

The special offer for a perfect introduction to clean and germ-free indoor air.

Included in delivery::

  • 1x VAC 800-EC
  • 10x prefilter mats G3
  • 1x coarse filter G4
  • 1x HEPA filter H13
  • 1x hose SH 125x5m C
  • 1x door lock DL 2,3x1,3m P
  • 1x HEPA filter H14

Order no: 501.328

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Accessories for air purifiers

The air purifier needs a filter change?
FLEX also offers the necessary accessories to do so.


  • What does the H14 filter hold back?
    HEPA 14 filters retain more than 99.995% of particles between 0.2µm and 0.3µm.
  • For which room size is the VAC800 suitable?
    The suitable room size depends on several factors, such as the desired air exchange rate, the room height and of course the set turbine output. The usage can therefore vary between 10 and 40m².
    To be able to set the VAC 800-EC correctly, there is an overview table on the back of the unit.
  • How often can I use the different filters?
    Due to the different filter stages, all filters have different lifetimes. They depend on the amount of dust they have to remove. If you use the VAC 800-EC on a construction site, the filters normally have the following lifetime: The pre-filter should be changed twice a week, the G4 filter weekly and the HEPA filter every 3 months. If you use the VAC 800 in an office, the HEPA filter can last up to one year.
    Additionally, a "green" lamp on the control panel indicates that the VAC 800-EC is working properly. When the lamp changes to "red", the filters must be replaced, taking all safety measures into account.
  • Do I have to leave the room while the machine is cleaning the air?
    No, you can stand right next to the machine and breathe the clean fresh air.
  • What is the noise level of the FLEX VAC 800-EC?
    Sound pressure level max. 58db(A)
    in comparison:
        Entertainment: 40-60 db(A)
        Cars: 80-90 db(A)
  • What is the power consumption of the FLEX VAC 800-EC?
    The air purifier VAC 800-EC is designed for continuous operation.
    Power consumption between 1,45A`-1,7A`
    Power consumption: 170W
  • Do I have to use a suction hose or an exhaust hose?
    No, it is not necessary to use a hose.
  • Does it really work with circulating air?
    Yes, almost all particles are reliably captured by the filter. They remain in the filter, the air is cleaned and fresh air is released.


Clean air – also on the construction site


Dust is produced on construction sites during many jobs. This not only contaminates the rooms, but can also have health consequences for the user.

The portable construction and air cleaner is the ideal solution for drywallers, painters, tilers and the entire construction industry:
By the use of coarse, fine, M/H filter as well as activated carbon filter respirable fine dusts are filtered from the air. This keeps the construction site clean and the user protected.

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The all-round carefree solution:

  • EC motor for long life and low running noise
  • Infinitely adjustable volume flow
  • Volume flow monitoring with LED display green / red
  • 125mm x 5m compact hose for easy transport
  • Low working noise, including night function

Consumables/accessories for air purifiers


From pre-filter mats to activated carbon filters against odours in the office or on the construction site to HEPA 13 and 14 filters that even filter virus and bacteria particles from the room air, FLEX offers all the accessories needed for filter changes:


To Accessories

Pre-filter mats

Retains coarse particles and protects the filter cassettes.

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Coarse filter

Coarse filter/pre-filter retains up to 90% of dust particles.

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Activated carbon filter

Filters odours from the working environment and retains up to 70% of dust particles.

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Fine dust filter

Filter cassette retains up to 80% of fine dust particles.

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Filter HEPA13

 Filter cassette retains 99.99 % of fine dust particles.

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Filter HEPA14

Filter cassette retains 99.995 % of fine dust particles.

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