FLEX Drywall screwdriver to product

Pleasingly powerful

As soon as you pick up the tool, you can see what makes the new FLEX drywall screwdriver so special: it rests perfectly in your hand.

An optimally thought-out product design, the outstanding soft-grip feel and the light, compact shape make the DW 45 18.0-EC the perfect sparring partner for drywall construction.

Ergonomic handling

Hand and arm lie in an ideal line with the bit guideand the centre of gravity is in the centre. The strain istherefore taken off your wrist and underarm perfectly, even during continuous use.

Light weight

The FLEX drywall screwdriver DW 45 18.0-EC weighs inat around 1890 g (including battery and magazine), making it one of the lightest 18 V drywall screwdriverson the market.

Clever sizing

Focussed power: FLEX is one of the most compact drywall screwdrivers in its class.