Industry sectors
Here you can find the right machines for each industry sector. 

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Cordless tools
FLEX is introducing a new range of cordless tools that are setting new quality and performance standards thanks to their fully- developed machine and battery concept. Even when power requirements are higher, i.e. large screwing and drilling diameters, the special system ensures long running times.

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Wall and ceiling sander Giraffe®
High ease of use, variety of applications and reliable quality Made in Germany: The FLEX Giraffe® has always been known for optimal handling, good balance and a perfect work result.

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Safety vacuum cleaner
The filter system of the FLEX safety vacuum cleaners intercept all dust and even health-harmful substances. This provides even more safety during dry and wet operation. And before the filter becomes clogged, it is automatically cleaned without interrupting the work process. The suction power remains constant, and there is no down time for filter cleaning!

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Three things are needed for the perfect surface finish: skill, the right feel,and FLEX, of course. Whether you are a professional working in a paintshop, an automotive all-rounder or have ambitious aims for your hobby -FLEX allows everyone to shine with the optimum system of polisher, padand polish. Particularly important is the right combination, because with the correct components to suit your experience, the material and the condition of the paintwork, you are certain to achieve brilliant results.

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