NEW: PXE 80 rotary polisher, eccentric polisher or spot sander

FAST & FABULOUS – the smart polisher for spot repair & rework

The new PXE 80 polisher



Rotary polisher, random orbital polisher or spot sander


In just 10 seconds – without any tools or any stress.

From quick damage correction in the spot area via spot sanding and very fine polishing work to defect correction, hologram removal and finishing: the new PXE can be converted in a flash.

FAST & FABULOUS – The smart one for spot repair & rework

Tool-free changes

Simply change over manually in 10 seconds and switch application.

Spot sanding pad

The spot sanding pad can be used to quickly and cleanly remove incorrect and excess paintwork.


Thanks to its interchangeable drive, the PXE is ideal for highly abrasive polishing as well as removing holograms when finishing.

Multi grip

Thanks to the extended grip surface, the PXE 80 can be securely held in any part of the hand. This allows you to work with ease, just as you want.

Safe in the system - suitable accessories from FLEX


Adapter for drive types

Whether rotary or eccentric, the PXE can be retooled at lightning speed thanks to the various adapters.

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Polishing pads

Perfect results can only be achieved with the right accessories. FLEX offers a complete range of polishing sponges and matching polishing fur.

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Perfectly coordinated grinding, fine grinding and sealing polishes. The polishes are of course silicone-free and low-dust.

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Clearly superior when it comes to the details


1 Quick-change system

  • Spot sanding pad (eccentric 3 mm / rotary)
    Rapid spot repairs to correct damage
    Ø 30 mm Velcro pad (Velcro daisy disc) & Ø 30 mm adhesive pad (adhesive daisy disc). Can be combined with the 3 mm stroke eccentric drive or can even be rotary for specialists.
  • Polishing (rotary / eccentric 3/12 mm)
    Flexible polishing with polishing pad < 75 mm
    The Ø 30 mm Velcro pad can be combined with any type of drive and stroke size. From rotary elemination of abrasion marks to hologram-free finishing, everything is possible.
  • Polishing and grinding (eccentric 3/12 mm)
    The Ø 75 mm Velcro pad can be combined with the 3 mm eccentric drive and 12 mm stroke. The 12 mm stroke is best placed for correcting defects, removing holograms and finishing. The 3 mm stroke for sanding and correcting damage.

2 Bumper ring for safe handling

3 4 speed settings suitable for various operating conditions

4 Brushless motor for longer service life, greater performance, longer runtime

5 Constant speed control for effective working

6 Accelerator trigger switch with lock for slow and sensitive start and locking for continuous running

7 Grip areas with soft grip for perfect ergonomics and handling

8 Smart battery system with charge indicator

9 2.5/4.0/6.0 Ah battery packs can be combined with all 10.8 V FLEX tools