Hermann Ackermann and Hermann Schmitt start a company in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt to produce and sell their new invention: the MS 6 hand-held grinding machine, featuring an electrical motor that drivea flexible shaft.


Ackermann + Schmitt unveils the first high-speed angle grinder: the DL 9.


High finish polishing. FLEX develops dedicated systems for sensitive polishing of automotive paint and lacquers, furnitures and natural stone floors.


Mirror finish! FLEX introduces a new method of treatment: burnishing for surfaces - without transition lines or shadow on metal and stainless steel.


The company renames itself FLEX.


Sanding ceilings without scaffold! "The revolution for painters": the long-necked FLEX Giraffe® enables the operator to sand from top to bottom of a wall or ceiling without stilts of scaffolds. The dust extraction system does a thorough job. The long-necked sander Giraffe® and its patented sanding paper with perforation across the whole surface achieves a high-quality.


Innovation in every detail! FLEX introduces the angle grinder generation for the 21st century. From the inventor of FLEX there are 8 new models in the 710 to 1300 Watt range available in a new, extremely slim design, with superior handling characteristics and many innovative product features, e.g. microprocessor controlled electronics or the FLEX grip-handle with integrated pin spanner.


Only the FLEX wall chaser allows changeover from vertical pull cutting to horizontal push cutting. Unlock, swivel the motor, lock - finished!


Vario-Giraffe® WST 700 VV. The continued development of the successful FLEX Giraffe® has now reached new heights with its telescopic function and exchangeable heads.


RETECFLEX RE 14-5 115. The innovative tool system. Easily and quickly converted whatever the requirements are: the specialist for grinding, sanding, scouring, perforating and polishing.


POLISHFLEX. The gentle power pack for professionally treating painted surfaces. A variable-speed polisher with a high torque, motor and gear unit operate extremely quietly.


WSE 7 Vario. Wall and ceiling sander Handy-Giraffe®. With intelligent change head system. It is the ideal addition to the Vario-Giraffe®, above all when processing confined spaces and rather small wall and ceiling areas.


SUPRAFLEX. The smooth running power pack. SUPRAFLEX – this means: virtually dust-free sanding of a wide range of materials and surfaces with a uniquely high removal rate. The SE 14-2 125 is the specialist for painted surfaces, for stainless steel and steel alloy, for natural and artificial stone.


Chervon Holdings Ltd. takes over FLEX.


GE 5 / GE 5 R. The handiest FLEX Giraffe® of all time. Excellent user comfort, astonishing range of applications and highly reliable - made in Germany. The FLEX Giraffe® is now lighter, more flexible and more robust than ever. Thanks to the new close-edge sanding head, you can now, not only sand walls and ceilings, but also edges and wall-ceiling transitions with model GE 5 R.


The new generation of cordless tools are setting new quality and performance standards thanks to their fully-developed machine and battery concept. A unique innovation forms the basis for the good performance of FLEX cordless tools. The battery cells are jacketed with a cooling material that actively reduces the build-up of heat. The "KEEP COOL™ technology" impresses with a measurably longer battery run time.


TRINOXFLEX: One drive - two applications! With the new TRINOXFLEX, FLEX offers a new, versatile and above all variable surface system for stainless steel finishing. Changes from a pipe belt sander into a burnishing machine with just one click.


The FLEX orbital polisher XFE 7-15 150 is particularly suitable for perfect surface finishing. Holograms are also prevented thanks to the free running and a 15 mm stroke. Surface temperatures remain low, and this provides additional protection for the varnish. The machine is very easy to handle and is therefore the ideal supplement for a two-stage polishing process.


Cordless polishing without compromise. High end surface finishing then becomes as independent and flexible as neverbefore. Cordless rotary polisher PE 150 18.0-EC for high removal rate and XFE 15 150 18.0-EC cordless random orbital polisher removes material gently and for hologram removal.


The smart one for spot repair & rework: FLEX launches the first cordless smart polisher – the PXE 80 is equipped with a unique tool-free quick-change system and convinces as a rotary polisher, random orbital polisher and spot sander thanks to its exchangeable drive.


Contenir la propagation du coronavirus : Le FLEX améliore les purificateurs d'air VAC 800-EC. Les nouveaux purificateurs d'air FLEX équipés de filtres HEPA 14 filtrent jusqu'à 99,995 % des particules de virus et de bactéries présentes dans l'air ambiant. Ainsi, le risque d'infection par Covid-19 peut être réduit de manière efficace et significative.