WST 700 VV Plus

Vario-Giraffe® wall and ceiling sander | Order no. 350.338
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  • VV electronic control: controlled constant speed, soft-start, overload protection and speed selection with adjuster wheel
  • Using a unique telescopic system, the Vario-Giraffe® adapts to your needs. Length adjustable from 1330 mm - 1730 mm. Open telescope lock lever, pull out handle and close lever. Handle rotates through 360°
  • Adjustable locking screw for telescopic extension
  • Ergonomic design with many different handling possibilities for fatigue-free working. The motor is always kept between the gripping positions, ensuring a perfect balance
  • Fitted with interchangeable heads that are attached and removed with a click
  • Including triangular sanding head. This is optimally suited to sanding corners and edges. The random orbital movement of the sanding head takes the abrasive right up to the edges
  • Backing pad with velcro face
  • The articulating sanding head can be adjusted to every tilt and angle.
  • Vacuum cleaning system: guard with a brush ring, flexible suction hose from the sanding head to the guide tube. Connection facility at the rear of the telescopic tube for FLEX safety vacuum cleaner
  • Effective dust extraction from between the brush ring and the sanding pad prevents clogging of the abrasive and promotes a dust-free working environment
  • The brush ring is spring-mounted so that the round sanding head accurately follows all uneven contours. This allows the head to be applied with fingertip precision and also prevents any dust escaping
  • Ideally suited for sanding plaster boards, solid styropor insulation slabs, preparation for painting, polishing
  • This machine is also available in 110 V
  • with vacuum hose
Product data sheet Product data sheets with accessories
  • Power input 710 watt
  • Power output 420 watt
  • No load speed 1100-1700 rpm
  • Corner sander no-load speed 3300-5100 opm
  • Sanding disc Ø 225 mm
  • Dimensions in mm 1330-1730
  • Cable length 4,0 m
  • Weight 4,8 kg
  • Order No.
  • Triangular sanding head 388.289
  • Round sanding head with velcro sanding pad supersoft 350.346
  • Velcro backed sanding paper, 1 x P 60, 80, 100, 220 1 set
  • Velcro backed sanding paper, triangular, Select, 1 x P 60, 80, 100, 220 1 set
  • 1 hexagon socket wrench, SW 5 115.460
  • Antistatic suction hose 32 mm Ø x 4 m with snap coupling and coupling bush for vacuum cleaner, with auxiliary air control 406.708
  • 1 carrying case 389.986
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