VORTINOX mixing paddle

VR 80x320 D 10 | Order no. 385.301
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Mixing paddle made of stainless steel. No rust formation, no contamination of the mixture. During the mixing process no air intake, no foam formation, no degassing/heating of the mixture. Gentle mixing at slow circumferential speeds with high intrinsic dynamics, no lump formation. Extremely high reistance to wear and particularly easy and simple to clean. Ideal for light-coloured, covering materials, synthetic resin paints, water-based paints, copper paints, dispersion paints and 2-component paints, exterior paint, stains, glazes, paste. Round spindle D10 for clamping in the chuck. Material: V2A, alloy X5CrNi 18-10 material number 1.4301.

Suitable for

  1. DD 2G 10.8-EC
  2. DD 2G 10.8-EC/4.0 Set
  3. PD 2G 10.8-EC
  4. PD 2G 10.8-EC/6.0 Set
  5. DD 2G 18.0
  6. DD 2G 18.0/2.5 Set
  7. DD 2G 18.0-EC
  8. DD 2G 18.0-EC/2.5 Set
  9. PD 2G 18.0
  10. PD 2G 18.0/2.5 Set
  11. PD 2G 18.0-EC
  12. PD 2G 18.0-EC/2.5 Set
Product data sheet
  • Paddle in mm 80 Ø
  • Mix in kg 0,5-5
  • QTY/PKG 1