Thermo-Whirljet diamond grinding disc

TH-Whirljet D125 28x23,5 | Order no. 323.071
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Thermo-Whirljet for thin coatings and lightly abrasive materials: Thermoplastic coatings, Paint, Graffiti, thin glue residues on concrete or screed, Rubber based coatings. Reduced weight with the FLEX flange. The grinding disc with the angular arranged diamond segments allows for a quicker work rate than with normal disc. The large dimensioned delta shaped holes in the discs causes an air vortex that removes all dust from the working surface and prevents the segments from clogging or overheating and so reducing wear. The light weight disc reduces wear on the motor. Not for use on edges.

  • Dimensions in mm 125 Ø x 28 x 23,5
  • QTY/PKG 1