Tile drill bits

TD D5x50 D10 | Order no. 386.324
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For drilling without water using cordless drill drivers or drills. The extremely hard tip of the drill bit is pressed gently onto the surface of the tile. This makes a precision mark for the required drill hole. As the drill bit is self-centring, it cannot slip on hard surfaces. Ideally suited for drilling dowel holes in tiles and fine stoneware up to hardness 3.

Suitable for

  1. DD 2G 18.0-EC C
  2. DD 2G 18.0-EC
  3. DD 2G 18.0-EC/5.0 Set
  4. PD 2G 18.0-EC C
  5. PD 2G 18.0-EC
  6. PD 2G 18.0-EC/5.0 Set
  • D in mm 5 Ø
  • T in mm 50
  • L in mm 110
  • QTY/PKG 1