Antistatic suction hose with auxiliary air control

SH-CF 32 x 4m AS/NL | Order no. 477.605
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Inner-Ø 32 mm, 4 m with clip system grey including bleed air control, antistatic. The suction hose is sheathed in polyester fabric so it slides more easily across edges and uneven surfaces which prevents from abrasion damage. The polyester fabric increases the flexibility of the hose and protects it against solar radiation.

Suitable for

  1. VC 21 L MC
  2. VCE 26 L MC
  3. VCE 33 L MC
  4. VCE 33 L AC
  5. VCE 44 L AC
  6. VCE 33 M AC
  7. VCE 44 M AC
  8. VCE 44 H AC
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