Mixing paddles I and II, galvanized version

Mixing head I and II, galvanized, 130 Ø | Order no. 252.200
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Ideal for tough mixtures, adhesive, dual and multi-component resins and plastics, varnish and paint, sealing and insulation material, coating material, ready-mixed mortar, plaster, concrete adhesive, etc. Counter-active mixing: Both mixing heads mesh and blend the mixture with particular intensity. Equipment: - Supplied in pairs, adapted for the FLEX positive mixer. For insertion in the positive mixer guides. - 600 mm overall length Please note: the mixing head with one marking ring is inserted in fixture I, the mixing head with two marking rings in fixture II.

  • Paddle in mm 130 Ø
  • Mix in kg 5 - 60
  • QTY/PKG 1