Jigsaw blades for wood

JS 75 SW Pro VE 5 | Order no. 489.972
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Specially developed jigsaw blades for cordless jigsaws with low cutting resistance for longer battery runtime. Jigsaw blade with sharpened, progressive teeth for very clean, straight cuts of up to 65 mm in soft wood and non-abrasive timber materials, e.g. chipboard, wood core plywood and fibreboard.

Suitable for

  1. JS 18.0-EC C
  2. JS 18.0-EC
  3. JS 18.0-EC/5.0 Set
  4. JSB 18.0-EC C
  5. JSB 18.0-EC
  6. JSB 18.0-EC/5.0 Set
  • Length in mm 75
  • QTY/PKG 5