GM 340

Mobile workstation for wall and ceiling sanders | Order no. 473.278
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  • Mobile workstation for mounting of Giraffe® versions GE 7, GE 5 / R, WSE 500, WST 700 VV and WST 1000 FV, enabling sustained use without any effect of the machine weight
  • Significantly less user effort thanks to reduced fatigue and strain
  • The mobile workstation has a durable frame for demanding applications on construction sites. The braked steering castor with optimum running charcteristics ensures easy and precise steering. With weight-optimised base plate for the FLEX safety vacuum cleaner
  • Large rubber wheels ensure optimal stability and manoeuvrability on construction sites. Additional covers on the wheel hubs provide protection against damage to walls.
  • Assembly and disassembly without any tools thanks to quick-release clamps. Frame equipped with a robust folding mechanism for easy transport
  • Equipped with soft grip handle, hose clip and cable holder for the 7.5 m rubber cable
  • Two power outlets provide the connection for power tools with 230 V/CEE
  • Tilting tool fixture (90° in both directions) incl. pivot joint for optimum ease of movement, adaptation to ceilings and walls and for a perfect finish on slanted surfaces
  • Quick change of the Giraffe® without any tools through clamping in a robust tool fixture. The working height can also be adjusted without tools thanks to a double clamp on the lifting rod
  • Optimal contact pressure at the sanding surface due to gas strut
  • The plastic sliding bush ensures smooth running as well as precise guiding of the Giraffe® over the surface
  • Power outlet 2 x 230 V
  • Tool fixture all Giraffe types (except WSE 7, GSE 5)
  • Max. working height 3400 mm
  • Dimensions in mm 1140 x 670
  • Cable length 7,5 m
  • Weight 31,5 kg