Dust extraction guard cutting for large angle grinder, 230 mm

DCG AG 230 | Order no. 471.895
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Detachable extraction hood with efficient dust extraction for precise cuts when working with diamond cutting wheels in conjunction with 230 mm angle grinders. Extremely stable, the stabiliser element prevents distortion caused by the side weight of the angle grinder. Base plate with rollers for easy feed, the side handle can be fitted on either the left or right. Incl. suction connection for FLEX clip system and adapter for guide rail. Depth stop with scale for presetting the cutting depth for use with or without a guide rail. Maximum cutting depth 60 mm.

Suitable for

  1. L 21-6 230
  2. L 26-6 230
  3. DCG L 26-6 230 Set
  4. DCG L 26-6 230 G-Set
  5. L 2200 230
  • Diameter in mm 230
  • Size (W x L x H) 365x195x290 mm
  • QTY/PKG 1