Wall sanding with FLEX battery giraffe on construction site

The right sanding head for every job

FLEX Cordless Giraffe® wall and ceiling sander

You demand perfect results. Use the cordless long-neck sander with the innovative FLEX interchangeable head system to effortlessly achieve perfect results The right sanding head for every job and any construction site: Edge, corner and border working, with both rotary and random-orbit sanding heads. The Cordless Giraffe allows drywall, wall and ceiling surface sanding with perfect results and won't tire you out. You can also use it to quickly prepare large surfaces. The FLEX Cordless Giraffe, also known as a drywall sander, ceiling sander or plaster sander, is the perfect companion for painters, drywallers, plasterers, fitters, and for carpentry and wood construction jobs.

Cordless Giraffe® GE MH 18.0-EC

Optimum centre of gravity, clever ergonomics, and above all significantly lighter than all other cordless long-neck sanders: The 18 volt Cordless Giraffe provides optimum operating comfort and is super-light for low-fatigue and ergonomic working up to Q4 quality. The GE MH 18.0-EC Cordless Sanding Giraffe also has the innovative interchangeable head system from FLEX: For working on edges, corners and borders - this cordless long-neck sander is ideally equipped for all jobs. And with 18 volts of battery power, the wall and ceiling sander offers maximum flexibility.

FLEX Cordless Giraffe Wall and Ceiling Sander
Pictogram interchangeable head system FLEX

Maximum versatility

  • Innovative interchangeable head system, for quick and toolless sanding head changing

  • Random-orbit sanding head, triangular sanding head, round sanding head and segmented sanding head

FLEX dust extraction pictogram

Low-dust working

  • Connection for FLEX safety vacuum cleaner

  • Extraction system with an efficiency rate of over 95%

Pictogram 18 V battery capacity

Maximum battery power

  • FLEX 18V battery system: Operation with all FLEX 18.0V battery packs.

  • LED cordless capacity indicator

  • Wall grinding on construction site with FLEX battery giraffe

    Clean work, clean working environment

    Direct extraction of dust at the sanding head
    • Hardly any soiling of the working environment and virtually no cleaning work required
    • Users don't inhale any harmful dust
  • FLEX Giraffe Schleifkopf werkzeuglos wechseln

    Toolless sanding head changing

    Innovative interchangeable head system allows sanding into every corner
    • Edge, corner and border working, with both rotary and random-orbit sanding heads
    • Sanding heads fit the FLEX GE 7, Handy-Giraffe GCE 6-EC and Cordless Giraffe GE MH 18.0-EC

The right sanding head for every job

Select the right interchangeable head, then attach it quickly and without tools.

Cordless Connect radio remote control for vacuum cleaner

Cordless Connect system for GE MH 18.0-EC

Safety vacuum cleaner also switched on automatically with the Cordless Giraffe, thanks to the automatic Start-Stop function of the VCE CConnect. The vacuum cleaner is activated via the wireless remote control at the touch of a button or automatically via the built-in vibration sensor. The radio remote control is fixed by a strap to the suction hose or the Cordless Giraffe, the radio socket is connected to the mains cable and the vacuum cleaner is set to Manual. Suitable for all FLEX safety vacuum cleaners and cordless tools.

FLEX wall and ceiling sander system

Four interchangeable head attachments for three sanding machines provide countless possible applications on a wide range of construction sites.

  • 3 Versions
    GCE 6-EC
    Handy-Giraffe® wall and ceiling sander with interchangeable head system
  • 7 Versions
    GE 7 + MH-O
    Giraffe® wall and ceiling sander with interchangeable head system
  • 4 Versions
    GE MH 18.0-EC
    Cordless wall and ceiling sander Giraffe® with interchangeable head system 18.0 V

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