Rapid charger 10.8 Volt

CA 10.8 | Order no. 418.021
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For charging 10.8 V battery packs. With LED charging level indicator, suspension hole, high energy transfer rate and low energy consumption. Charging time approx. 40 min. for 2.5 Ah, approx. 50 min. for 4.0 Ah and approx. 85 min. for 6.0 Ah batteries.

Suitable for

  1. DD 2G 10.8-LD/4.0 Set
  2. DD 2G 10.8-EC
  3. DD 2G 10.8-EC/4.0 Set
  4. PD 2G 10.8-EC
  5. PD 2G 10.8-EC/6.0 Set
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