Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack 10,8 V

AP 10.8/4.0 | Order no. 439.657
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Battery pack Li ion 10.8 V with integrated charge and discharge protection, battery charge indicator, dust and splash protection. Electronic management system (EMS) protects the battery pack, extends the service life, and increases efficiency.

Suitable for

  1. DD 2G 10.8-LD/4.0 Set
  2. DD 2G 10.8-EC
  3. DD 2G 10.8-EC/4.0 Set
  4. PD 2G 10.8-EC
  5. PD 2G 10.8-EC/6.0 Set
Product data sheet
  • Battery capacity 4,0 Ah
  • Battery voltage 10,8 V
  • Weight 0,42 kg
  • QTY/PKG 1