New from FLEX: Giraffe GE 7

New from FLEX: Giraffe GE 7

FLEX Innovation for the legendary Giraffe®: FLEX GE 7
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FLEX Innovation for the legendary Giraffe®: FLEX GE 7


Steinheim, July 2018 – FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH is launching the FLEX GE 7 - the latest generation of its Giraffe® wall and ceiling sanders. The innovation impresses with its weight - 1.6 kg less than its predecessor, the WST 700. Moreover, the GE 7 has the tried-and-tested interchangeable head system. A new addition is a random-orbital sanding head, which produces fine sanding results up to the Q4 level of quality. The new FLEX GE 7 goes on sale in July 2018.


“FLEX is redefining the standards for long-neck sanders yet again with the GE 7. Never before has it been possible to do so many things when working on ceilings and walls,” explains Oliver Gnann-Geiger, Head of Marketing at FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH. “The GE 7 is not merely a new product to replace the WST 700 but a product that has its roots in the know-how, the experience and the passion of everyone at FLEX – and this is something of which we are proud,” adds Gnann-Geiger. The new GE 7 has a power consumption of 700 watts and is optimised to meet the professional demands made by painters, plasterers, dry-wall constructors and numerous other users such as joiners, restorers, interior decorators and interior conversion companies.


Unrivalled flexibility – enhanced service life

The new Giraffe weighs 1.6 kg less than the WST 700, has an optimally positioned centre of gravity and a well-conceived ergonomic design, and thus combines fatigue-free working with ease of use. What’s more, the new Giraffe® stands out from the crowd with its array of new features: the unrivalled flexibility of the sanding head has its origins in the new generation of flexible shafts. The special arrangement of motor and head gearbox creates a unique balance. The top-heavy weight distribution of other tools is a thing of the past, torsional moments are minimised as much as possible. Tried-and-tested features have also been included in the new product design. The developers have kept the ergonomics, balance and design of the GE 5 to emphasise the consistency of the FLEX family of Giraffes: The ERGO-max system used in the GE 7 creates a system whose ergonomically shaped grip tube, spade handle and practical constellation for the operating controls ensure it is comfortable to operate. The optimum balance and twist-resistant design make it particularly easy to undertake precision work with the new GE 7. By keeping the tried-and-tested FLEX suction system, the GE 7 achieves a suction efficiency of more than 95 percent. The newest generation of the Giraffe® is equipped with the “electronic management system” as well for safe working.


Advanced interchangeable head system

A further plus of the new GE 7 is the tried-and-tested interchangeable head system whereby the user can interchange the four different sanding heads quickly and easily with just one click and using only one hand. The user can choose between different sanding heads to suit the application: rotary or random-orbital, round or triangular. Interchangeable heads for sanding edges, corners and borders make it quick and easy to adapt the tool to different requirements and different applications. The round sanding head allows users to sand surfaces yet create almost no dust in the process. The edge-segment sanding head makes it possible to work close to edges and thus saves on painstaking and expensive manual work. Yet another new development is the triangular sanding head, which convinces by the fact that it vibrates even less when working edges and corners. The improved gimbal mounting for the head provides greater manoeuvrability and thus makes it easier to use the tool in tight corners.


Innovative random-orbital sanding head

A further highlight of this innovation is the random-orbital sanding head, which has been tailored to meet the demands of the market. Optimised for the latest fillers in dry-wall construction, the user achieves perfect surfaces which they can be confident will correspond to the current Q3 and Q4 quality standards. 


The FLEX GE 7 is available from dealers from July 2018 starting at the recommended retail price of €825.00 excl. VAT. 


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