Red Dot Design Award for the new FLEX cordless polishers

Red Dot Design Award for the new FLEX cordless polishers

Red Dot Design Award for the new FLEX cordless polishers
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Red Dot Design Award for the new FLEX cordless polishers: Cordless polishing which makes no compromises

Steinheim, April 2018 – The new cordless polishers from FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH have been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2018, the internationally coveted seal of quality. The FLEX PE 150 18.0-EC cordless polisher and the XFE 15 150 18.0-EC cordless random orbital polisher make annoying tool cords a thing of the past. The application-oriented design is perfectly tailored for use in automotive paint shops and when undertaking paint restoration and Smart Repair work.

“We are absolutely delighted to be honoured with the Red Dot Design Award. Our new cordless polishers have enabled us to make a quantum leap on the road to independence from the mains socket. Users in the automotive trade, vehicle repair workshops and car enthusiasts will definitely benefit from the innovative product design,” emphasises Oliver Gnann-Geiger, Head of Marketing at FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH. Nazim Sabuncuoglu, responsible for the product design of the innovation at FLEX, explains: “Professionals expect polishers to deliver a high performance - but it was difficult to realise cordless polishing before. We can now offer these demanding users the first FLEX cordless polishers with two drive types: rotary and random orbital. This opens up completely new possibilities in terms of where vehicle restoration can be undertaken.”

Application-oriented design

Cordless tools mean workshops and users no longer have to drag the mains cable across the bodywork, leaving marks or even damaging the paintwork. In addition, the new FLEX polishers offer greater freedom when working and thus reduce fatigue: the light, compact EC motor means the grip area can be slimmer and sited in the optimal position. The centrally positioned speed potentiometer is optimised for both right-handers and left-handers.  At the same time, the battery is arranged so the tool achieves the best possible balance between power and ease of handling. The application-oriented design enables the user to guide the cordless polishers smoothly and precisely even in difficult to reach places. FLEX has used the tried and tested gear technology of the PE 14-1 / 14-2 FLEX polishers and the current gear technology of the XFE 7-15.  “This makes us the only manufacturer in the world to offer a professional cordless random orbital polisher with 15 mm polishing stroke,” confirms Oliver Gnann-Geiger.  “Our powerful cordless polishers perform to the same level as mains-operated tools.” The positive points: high torque, smooth running, a highly efficient and durable EC motor, and an intelligent Electronic Management System.

18 V high-performance batteries with Smart Cooling Technology

The new compact FLEX cordless polishers are equipped with two powerful, long-life batteries, which required only short charging times thanks to the integrated Smart Cooling Technology.  “Top performance no longer requires a cord.  The combination of the latest EC motor technology and intelligent battery technology means the user can work with two 5.0 Ah batteries almost without interruption,” confirms Oliver Gnann-Geiger.  This good performance is based on an innovative battery concept that utilises different components to achieve high power and longer running times.  The 18 V batteries are optionally available with 2.5 Ah or 5.0 Ah lithium ion batteries.


The FLEX PE 150 18.0-EC cordless polisher and the XFE 15 150 18.0-EC cordless random orbital polisher have been available since the end of March 2018 at a recommended retail price starting at € 399.00 plus VAT.


((3.637 char. incl. SP))


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